Evening Update #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

As promised, I am back with another update before I turn in for the night. I won’t make it long, but just to say that bids moved a good bit over the course of the day and we are sooooo close to breakthrough #2. There’s about €100 to it, so theoretically, with 34 auctions on the go, a mere update of roundabout €3 would get us there…

However, let’s celebrate the achievements so far. Today’s star item is undoubtedly a humble, small DVD. Who would have thought that Richard’s debut film would create quite the buzz in our auctions? The Staged DVD kindly donated by Paula has made a massive jump to the top of the proceeds leaderboard. It is currently sitting at an amazing €385. A huge thank you to the bidders on this item!

I am also delighted to report that so many handmade items in the auctions are doing really well and are among the upper third of the leaderboard. It is wonderful to see how much you appreciate crafted items, a true vote of confidence for the makers among the donors. The good news is that there will be lots of cRAfty goodness coming your way, soon. I have just scheduled a teaser post for the fixed-price sale with more details. The Etsy sale will start Sunday evening. You can read more about it tomorrow morning.

As I head for tonight’s snooze, I am leaving you with a few affordable items to consider for a little bid. We have 8 items that are currently still less than €20:

Maybe, if you give them a little push, we will have the big breakthrough. Otherwise I may have to call in good ole Porter again…


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