Quick Morning Update #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

Good morning, RA world! Just a quick update this morning. While I was sleeping, things developed just the way I thought it would. After the breakthrough last night, bids kept coming in and the total of all received bids so far have moved on. The great news is:

All items have now received a bid! Hooray and thank you!

Lucas checking the hot news on his laptop…


I can tell from the stats that more people – presumably from other timezones – have started watching the auctions. Today is probably going to be quiet on eBay, but maybe we’ll see some further movement towards another breakthrough later this evening.

For entertainment’s sake, check how WordPress abbreviated the URL to the kick off post the other day 😂.


Lastly, because I have received a couple of messages about the fixed-price sale:

The Etsy sale will start *after* the eBay auctions, i.e. on Sunday, 14 August 2022!

The Etsy sale listings will basically be live until all items are sold, or until I have to transfer the proceeds to my account in order to make the final donation. Due to the different time-zones, some prospective buyers have been disappointed in the past that some of the most coveted items were snapped up immediately, leaving no chance for people on the other side of the globe. In order to spread the buying window a little bit, I am planning to publish the items in two batches, where possible (i.e. where multiple items exist and the listing structure allows splitting up the stock into batches). In practice that means I’ll be publishing one batch early evening, and the second batch early the following morning (my times). I hope that will give everyone the opportunity to snap up an item. More details teasers about the Etsy sale to come tomorrow!

Reminder that the donation box otherwise is open, too. Click the donate button at the top of the sidebar or below 😊.


12 thoughts on “Quick Morning Update #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

  1. If I were you I´d file a complaint about that abbreviation of the URL 😁… but actually it´s so hilarious 😂…
    I´m happy to see how things are going 👍😊 and I haven´t even joined the bidding yet but I will later on, let´s see what happens 😊…

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  2. Thanks for giving us time between the auction and the fixed-price sale to catch our breath, check our bank acct balance 😂 and, on this side of the pond, get some shut eye. Also noticed that close of bidding is staggered by a few minutes among the 34 items, giving us time to switch gears and bid on another item if we should lose our first choice. Much appreciated. 😁


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