Almost… Almost… #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

Hello hello. After a lovely long day away from the computer, I am back with my evening update. Guess what? We are now well into the last 24 hours of the 2022 auctions! In fact there are only about 17 hours left until the auctions end tomorrow afternoon. I was away from the internet for most of the day (and you can read more about that below, but first I will get to the updates you are waiting for). When I came home in the evening, I eagerly checked on the status of the auctions at the end of day 2. And here are the results of the Irish jury…

We are veeeeeery close to a breakthrough. So close, really, that I am tempted to call it already. But no, we are missing a mere 7€ (seven!) to the next milestone. Do you think we will break through over night? Well, a few bidders might consider putting a couple of Euros onto their bids. For your consideration, here are a few bargains still to be had in the auctions:


  • The Robin Hood DVD is an absolute must in every Guy fan’s collection. Currently at €10!
  • The Stay Close paperback comes with ready-made Ray Levine visions! Could be yours for €11!
  • If you have a thing for handsome schoolmasters, the Into the Storm DVD is the business – currently at €11!

Mid-Price Range

Support Your Crafty Fellow Fans

Splash out

Just for your consideration… 😉. You can sneak a peek at *all* auctions in one go via the overview on my eBay site HERE.

As for the stats:

  • Top of the leaderboard is the Staged DVD which has garnered an amazing top bid of €385.
  • At #2 is the gorgeous Guy trinket chest, currently at €207.50.
  • The Crucible poster set is following closely with €203.50

Superb performance by these amazing items. Thank you to the generous bidders!

The auctions will end tomorrow afternoon from shortly before 3pm GMT+1. I’m sure it will be an exciting final sprint. If you are around and have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, join me over on Twitter where I will attempt to do a bit of live tweeting while counting down the last seconds of the auctions.

And now just for a little small talk…

I spent most of the day in the glorious sunshine, celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, especially for the beautiful location we were at. My husband’s family home is located on a cliff just above the sea, and the whole family with my mother- and father-in-law, their five sons, four daughters-in-law and eleven (of fourteen) grandchildren spent the day up and down between the beach and the garden. Ireland is glorious when the sun shines, and the (generally mild) weather here allows for palm trees that give Ireland an almost Mediterranean feel.

Catering for sensitive Irish skin, my in-laws had kindly prepared a self-service hat stand for all guests 😂.

I did not swim today but I had a little paddle and it was wonderfully refreshing in the sea…

After BBQ and dessert buffet, the rest of the afternoon was spent chatting and playing croquet. So English… very posh… I love making fun of that, much to my hubster’s embarrassment 😂

Ahhhh, nothing better than summer in Ireland…

Right, I am off to Beddietown now. Looking forward to waking up next morning. Here’s hoping for a breakthrough…



6 thoughts on “Almost… Almost… #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

  1. So close!!! Or possibly we’ve reached it by now. It’s too early to math. 😂

    Your day sounds wonderful. I adore the hat buffet. 🎩 🧢 👒 What a great idea.


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