The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

First of all: Thank you for your participation in the just-finished fundraiser auctions. You bid and bought so generously, and provided a thriller for some of the items in the last minute. Moreover, many of you buyers have already paid the invoice, so huge thanks for that. I have already done a quick calculation, and despite my earlier nay-saying re. fees and postage, I think Lucas has not thrown himself on the ground in vain. The €2,000 breakthrough still stands! Amazing. A huge applause to all of you – item donors, bidders, buyers and auction cheerers! You rock!

But hey, the fundraiser is not over, and who knows, we may actually make another breakthrough. Here is another opportunity for your to get a bit of bang for your donated buck: The fixed-price sale with custom and/or hand-made items is now live over on Etsy/Pattern.

No bidding, no waiting, in the Etsy sale you can buy items straight from the store. There are 16 different offerings, made or designed by fans, for fans. Multiples of the items are available – some more, some less, but a total of 130+ individual pieces. All prices are per 1 item, and include postage and packing. Note: Some items will be published in 2 batches. If you miss out on something that appears to be sold out, come back tomorrow morning when batch 2 goes live!

The fundraiser items are clearly labelled in the store so you know that you are buying an item whose proceeds go into our donations pot. The listing thumbnails have the heart-in-hand logo (see right) visible and the listings will be preceded by note “THIS IS A #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser ITEM!!!!!”. Note: As this is my own Etsy shop, there will be other items visible that are *not* part of the fundraiser. So look out for the 2022 hashtag. I aim to combine separate purchases by one buyer in *one* package to save on postage costs. If buyers have also won an auction item, the two purchases will be combined in one package.

These items are also fan-made, many of them hand-made and therefore vary in details. You can buy multiples of the same item (via the “quantity” button in the individual listing) – or put several different items into your shopping basket before you pay. That will make the shopping process easier and faster for both you and me 🙂. You don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy on Etsy! Processing times have been set to 3-5 business days, just to make sure that I have enough time for my “parcel tetris” before Etsy punishes me for going over the announced processing times.

And now without further ado – these are the fantastic items available. More info about them on the Etsy page. Click the headline to be taken to the listing directly. You can see all listings on *one* page HERE:

Photo holders with your favourite chaRActers

The perfect way to display a picture of your favourite chaRActer. Lavishly decorated in the appropriate style, it even has a little velcro fastener to keep the holder closed. Beautifully handmade by Anne. Sold in 2 batches.


A coaster for all occasions

Especially when featuring Richard! These coasters are specifically made for this fundraiser and feature a recent picture of RA -The backing is monochrome white. Size: 9 x9cm. Donated and shipped by Esther. Sold in 2 batches.

Guy of Gisborne’s wolf head clasps…

on his jacket and gloves are unforgettable. And now you can wear one of those as a brooch. Expertly laser cut in wood and hand-buffed with gold paint. The brooch has a pin attached to the back and is light-weight, so will sit nicely on any garment.


A rustic pocket shrine to remind you of your favourite characters

Handmade, funky matchboxes of Guy, Harry, Lucas, Thorin, Thornton and Porter. Tug at the lacy ribbon, and the matchbox opens to reveal a picture of your favourite chaRActer. Only one per chaRActer available!  Made and donated by Poppy. Sold in 2 batches.


Dangle your favourite chaRActer from your keys!

Each of the available keyrings is unique, including 4 different versions of Guy as well as 1 Thorin, 1 Harry, 1 Thornton, 1 Proctor and 1 of RA. Made and donated by Poppy. Sold in 2 batches.


Postcards that are more like works of art

These are wooden postcards, hand-decorated and designed with a fabric-based design on the front. Only one each is available, so these are unique items. Made and donated by Nokisuu.


A super fun idea for your fridge or magnet board

These little pebbles have been hand-painted with the Gisborne crest. They feature a magnet on the flat back and therefore sit flush on all surfaces. Executed and donated by Ilaria. Sold in 2 batches.


A bestseller in every fundraiser, get your 2022 bookmark quick!

Kate’s handmade RA tags are one-of-a-kind. Unique, handmade, decorated front and back. The tags are topped off with matching ribbon. Sold in 2 batches.



Dream on with a piece of fan art that is unique and handmade

These round pictures are altered metal pieces, hand-decorated and decoupaged in Kate’s inimitable style. Only one each is available, so these are unique items.


You like silver foxes? Well, here are two in one packages

We have paired Kate’s one-of-a-kind tags with a silver fox acrylic broach. Each tag comes with a fox broach. And the best thing is: You can choose yourself whether you leave the fox as decoration on the tag, or whether you detach the fox pin to wear on your lapel. Sold in 2 batches.


Photo and Brooch fan sets

Adorn yourself with one of these gorgeous dangle brooches – and enjoy photographer Ray and hot priest Quart in handmade photo folders. Unique and limited in number, the sets contain two hand-made items each that feature Ray Levine or Father Quart. A collab by Anne and Ani. Sold in 2 batches.

Guy of Gisborne’s crest has made it into jewelry!

The necklaces have a little cabochon pendant that features the Gisborne crest. The pendants are handmade and come with a leather-style necklace that is fastened with a claw hook. Made and donated by Jen. Sold in 2 batches.


Afternoon tea in Helstone with the appropriate cake stand!

The tea set with pretty yellow rose decor, reminiscent of the Helstone rose found and cherished by Mr Thornton, has been fashioned into an elegant, tiered cake stand. Drilled and donated by me.



Never lose your spot when you are reading with the book book marks

That is not a typo! The book marks feature a handmade mini book on a long piece of lace or ribbon that you insert into your book to mark the page. A bead or charm dangle at the other end of the ribbon makes sure that your book mark does not slide back through the pages. Made by moi. Sold in 2 batches.

Heart fan sets

Using recycled heart ornaments and thrifted items, these fan sets combine a quote ornament with a thrifted decorative piece. All sets will also come with a black Sharpie pen – the preferred pen when RA is signing autographs. You can choose between three different quotes. A collab between Violet and myself. Sold in 2 batches.

For the discreet fan, we have put together a collection of t-shirts to fit any size

– and any chaRActer preference. This time, 3 different t-shirts are available, all featuring a slogan connected to RA and his oeuvre. The slogans have been heat fused onto the front of the shirts. All shirts are brandnew, unworn and not pre-washed.


I hope you will find something nice among this offering. My thanks go to all the contributors to this sale.

PS: A little note regarding the item prices. They have all been set in such a way that they not only reflect the amount of work that has gone into them, but also take into account the shipping costs. That is why you won’t find any €5 items in this sale. Depending on the size and weight of the items, shipping will cost between €3 and €15. Prices individually reflect that.


20 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #2022RABirthdayFundRAiser

    • Ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching. Same this morning. An hour after restocking, there are only 10 items left. Fantastic response by the fans. I’ll send you the addresses of the buyers of the coasters and the puzzle later today. Many thanks for your contributions xx

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    • Oh yes, that is a problem that has been encountered ever since we introduced the fixed-price sale. Many buyers therefore buy items individually… Sorry you lost out on some things. Hope you managed to get something else?


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    • 😬 It’s a high demand market… The sales started coming in even before I had posted the blog post. (Delay due to copying the links into the text while the items were already live.) I am glad you managed to pick up something, though.


      • Thanks, but must let you know. Due to brain fade, I didn’t put the message RA birthday fund raiser on the donation although I did mark it Gift. Hope you’re able to find it in amongst everything else. I can private message you the amount if you need to reconcile anything. Thanks again.


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