Ebay Done, Etsy Closed, Donations Still Open… And a First Ballpark Figure

Good evening. I feel a bit Guylty guilty for not having been back with more updates yet. I have spent pretty much all of the last three days organising, picking and packing the orders. At this stage, all bar *one* eBay shipments have been dispatched to the buyers and they should have received notifications via eBay. My batch of Etsy purchases has also been dispatched, except for the last four orders that need some extra care (because I have to pack breakable items), as well as some items that are sent directly by the donor. Notifications have been sent through Etsy, too.

So with still a few shipments outstanding, I have not got the final postage deductions yet. But since auctions and sale are finished, I know that you are dying to know how much money we have raised through eBay and Etsy. I will therefore give you a ballpark figure so that you can start celebrating 🤩. The number takes into account (i.e. subtracts) the projected total postage costs and also includes the donations that have also come in. Nevertheless, please make sure you take a seat, put down any break- and spillables, and breathe carefully…

I am pretty sure that we have made another breakthrough…

We are talking a final sum in excess of €4,000!!!

Are you still breathing? Congratulations to all who have taken part, followed and supported this fundraiser in any shape or form. I think it is safe to say that you have done a thing. Well, at least I *hope* my calculations are right. If so, we *might* be on track to beat the December 2021 fundraiser proceeds. Depends on the rest of the postage. And on potential further donations. So just in case, here is a cheeky link to the donation pot:

If you choose to donate, please send as “gift” or “to friend/family” and label it “2022 RA Birthdady Fundraiser”.

BTW, it looks as if – for the first time in years – the donation may be ready for transfer *on the big day*!!!! eBay has already transferred the funds *cue customary Father Ted joke* (see below), and the Etsy funds are expected by tomorrow. Knock on wood that I haven’t jinxed it now. Five days to go to RA’s birthday…

Right, back to the packing station it is.


36 thoughts on “Ebay Done, Etsy Closed, Donations Still Open… And a First Ballpark Figure

  1. I’m blown away! It’s much more than what I expected. Congratulations to all of us and deepest gratitude to all who created/donated items for the auctions and fixed-priced sales. Most of all, thank you, Sonja, for being our enthusiastic, efficient leader. You’re an outstanding woman and friend. xoxo

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  2. I sent 25 Euros to cover my postage. Please put it towards the donation. Thanks for your hard work on this. Great job!  All the best,  Gayle 


    • Thank you so much, G. That is really generous of you, as we always took on the postage ourselves as a little incentive. But it makes a massive difference to receive some of it back. Thank you for all your contributions!


  3. Congratulations Sonja – you do really work hard on our behalf. We do appreciate all you do.
    Thank you too, to all supporters in whatever form.
    What a terrific result and for such a good cause x


    • Thank you, Janee – for all my organising, the fundraiser would not get anywhere if it wasn’t for the participation and willingness of you all to donate items and money, and to buy and bid. I am very humbled that so many kind people are taking part in the fundraisers.


  4. I am in awe of all it takes to do what you do to make this fundRAiser a reality and now, it appears, a phenomenal success. Everyone who bid, bought or donated directly to the event has you and your exemplary organizational skills to thank, Sonja. You are a wonder!

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    • Well, too much credit 😉 It’s a true community affair. I’m facilitating, but none of it would be possible without your donations, items, support, bids and purchases. Together we are making a difference.


  5. Wow! I didn’t think it would reach that amount this year. Am very pleased. Sonja – you are so efficient. Please enjoy a rest as soon as you feel able to. Father Ted still makes me chuckle!😝


  6. A stupendous result thanks to all involved – makers, buyers, donors – and particularly you Guylty with your commitment, hard work and organisation. It may be your nom de plume but you are forbidden from feeling guilty in any way about the auction!


  7. Many, many congrats to all concerned – but especially to you, Guylty!

    (So sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long. Combination of circumstances beyond my control, I’m afraid.)

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    • Thank you, Pamela, and not to worry. All activities on my Paypal are currently for the fundraiser, and since I recognise most names anyway, I know where the money is destined for. All good.


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