Update, Special Thanks, Ballparks & Incentive

Good evening, all. I am happy to say that all my packages have now been packed. I took two more runs to the post office today, and there is one more package to be posted tomorrow. Another package will be sent from the UK tomorrow, too. Which will finish all shipments and conclude the fundraiser. A hearty thank you to all contributors who were involved in shipping items – thank you for being so reliable and finalising the shipments within the week.

So, with all shipping done and dusted, you probably sneakily conclude that I may now have final numbers. Well, I guess I do… I have done some calculations (although I’m *not* an accountant), and I would have a wondrous amount to announce. Let me preface anything by sending my grateful thanks to the Paypal donors, though.

I have been blown away by the generosity of the Paypal donors. And this year more than ever. There were general contributions as well as “remaining budget” contributions by fans who missed out on items on eBay or Etsy. We even received the money back from two Etsy transactions I had had to refund – due to Guylty erroneously double-listing three items in the fixed-price sale. (I am really sorry about that and I thank those buyers in particular for their kind tolerance of my mistake.) In total, we have 35 donors, and those kind people have actually generated the amazing sum of

€1270,81 !!!!!!

That is an awesome amount of money! Many donors actually sent their money as a help with postage costs. And boy, did it help. The postage costs this year have come to a total of €672,79 😱. I can assure you, I combined Etsy and eBay shipments wherever possible, and yet with 70+ individual shipments the postage piles up. So, the donations were very helpful.

And not only that. You remember the ballpark figure I gave you yesterday.

Noooo, not *that* ballpark figure…

I was deliberately careful with my projection, but the fact of the matter is that we have a *very* healthy “4” in front of three zeros. Very. So healthy in fact, that I am calling in Portah again. We need some help for a last breakthrough.

You have to look hard, but have you seen it? The big 5-oh-oh-oh is in reach. 😵 Indeed. Now, I usually top up the final donations to a nice, tidy, round sum from my own coffers. If that were the case, it would basically take 20 people to donate €5 each on top of my €50 top-up, to tide us over the threshold break us into the magic number.

No pressure. I do feel guilty asking for further contributions. You have all done so much already. But just sayin’ that that is where we stand. 

In case anyone might have a secret stash of fivers anywhere, here is a little incentive, though. i have found a little mini RAPS in my stash (not yet revealed here on blog), and I am planning to raffle it off among the money donors as a way of giving at least *one* of them something back for their contribution. Additionally, there is also a RAngel prototype from the creative coffers of tag maker extraordinaire Kate, that will be raffled among the Paypal donors. So, two prizes to be raffled (separately, not as a package). If previous donors donate again, their name will go into the raffle twice. So here is the cheeky donation button again. Ignore if you feel unduly bothered by my shameless appeal!


I repeat – please, no monetary heroics. I do not *expect* anything, and I do not want anyone to feel under pressure. I don’t want anyone to overstretch their budgets. I am not appealing to anyone in particular and I do not want to shame anyone into spending more money than they can afford. We are all participating in this fundraiser for the good cause and for the fun. If your limit has been reached, then please do not stretch yourself any further. You already have my greatest admiration and appreciation for all you have done so far.

Thank you to all for your contributions – monetary, items or support. You are awesome people!


18 thoughts on “Update, Special Thanks, Ballparks & Incentive

  1. Amazingly generous and talented fans of Richard! More incredible every time, thanks again for all you do, S and all, to make this happen every year (or is it usually twice a year now?) Love you all

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    • No worries, S. There is no other movement on my Paypal at the moment than the fundraiser, and I do recognise the names from previous fundraisers, so all is going into the donation pot. Many thanks for that!!


  2. I´m amazed by what the RArmy has achieved once more, I´ll join the donors tomorrow 😊. Thanks again to everyone and especially to you, you rock 💗💗😊.

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  3. Have we made it yet Sonja. I sent my donation direct to the site to get the gift aid but could manage a little more if needed.
    Well done – stupendous result.


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