2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #29

Back to the regular feature. I omitted last week’s round-up because we were in the midst of the fundraiser, so hopefully we’ll have some extra stuff this week.

  1. Wow, the Guyliner was strong in this episode. Guy gifs by riepu10
  2. Not 100% sure of this, but mrkida-art’s digital drawing gave me a chuckle
  3. I wish I had had Harry by my side when I was doing my accounting for the fundraiser proceeds… Gif set by enigmaticlook
  4. Fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North/Ray de Merville crossover “Betrayal” goes to chapter 8
  5. And “Miss Fortune” by middleearthpixie is at chapter 28
  6. I thought it was really interesting to see the drawing process in evilwriter37’s artwork of Thorin
  7. Another LJ Ross audio book in the can, reports richardarmitagefanpage. Due to be released in early September
  8. Mr Thornton on film strips, posted by olya-dwarf
  9. LOL, this question by yacrimago made me laugh… I think he’d get frustrated and flustered
  10. This was just too cute, so reposting this TB of RA flossing by richardarmitagefanpage

Hm, I’m sorry this is a bit short… Maybe the RArmy on tumblr is on holiday 😉. To make up for the shortness, here is a nice picture that Kate sent me. This is the RAngel that is up to be raffled among the money donors to the fundraiser.

That is some veritable eyecandy, right?

Re. donors – the donation pot is still increasing. Money has continued to come in yesterday and overnight. “Unfortunately” the nice 51-number is already out of the running. What a great complaint to have! Big thanks to all who topped up.

And now I wish you all a nice weekend.

Sonja ❤️


11 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #29

  1. It’s not so short, great stuff #1 to #10. And at #10 I also found to read an interesting interview with RA about The Crucible. There is also a video with an interview with Richard at 41st Annual Saturn Awards, which I have seen before, but the voice quality is much better here, so Richard’s deep voice in full quality.
    What a great reason to complain about 😊. There can still be an ending with —-, 51 😂, but it will be exchange to £ anyway. We’ll see.
    Get some rest this weekend, Sonja.


    • Already arrived, Gayle? That is fantastic. I did send some items via Express Post because that includes tracking. And with the way the postal services seemed to be impacted by Covid, I assumed it would take 2 weeks to get across the Atlantic. All the better if it was faster than that.


  2. Yay! Another good fundraiser accomplished. 👍🏼 You do such great work putting it all together and seeing it through the end each time. 🥂Thank you for that! 💐😄


  3. #2 Not so offbeat imo. In certain poses, at certain angles, Richard’s ears can appear somewhat pointy. And he did say he played an elf in a school production of TH.
    #7 Can highly recommend her last two (Bedlam and Mania), so anxious to push the Panic button.
    #8 Simply irresistible 😍
    Would be super if we had a final-final figure by Monday so I can share w/my fb groups (who’ve endured my fundRAiser promos for 3 wks). 😏


    • #2 I agree. RA has elf ears. And with his height and pale complexion he really would’ve (also) looked great as an elf king…
      #7 I listened to Bedlam and Mania, too. I absolutely disliked Bedlam, but Mania was better. Since I have an Audible subscription, I am going to listen to Panic, too…
      As for final figure – Monday should be fine. I am planning to transfer the donation in the early evening (European time), is that early enough for you?


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