RA Pocket Shrine 277/? – Lipgloss [+ Raffle Results]

Good evening. I hope you have had a nice Sunday!? I relaxed at my desk – after finally tidying up my craft room again – and that is the perfect weekend occupation for me. While we were all winding down, still bits and pieces trickled into the donation pot. However, I am now at the point where I will do the raffle among the money donors for the Birthday Fundraiser. But wait, you don’t really know what you are getting. Apart from Kate’s fabulous RAngel, I also threw a mini RAPS into the raffle. And this is it:

It started off as a small tin of lipgloss. It’s about 6x4cm. The lid design doesn’t look too bad – and it certainly provided the inspiration for this shrine – but nevertheless I added my own design on the other side of the tin.

Just imagine you saw *that* through an open window…

Anyway, with the lip theme established, I had to do this:

Confession: Personally, I am not even *that* into those “lip-licking screen shots. But well, they are somewhat suggestive… Plus, for some reason I already had a handful of them on file.

Guy wanted in on the fun, too, and well, he is *always* red hot…

So, not big enough for the full candle treatment, but very handy as a discreet pocket shrine. I can only hope that the raffle winner will be pleased with it.

The Raffle

And now on to the raffle. I am conducting it via randompicker, and the draw protocol can be accessed via the button below the raffle results. As promised, the names of those who donated twice were put into the raffle twice.

And the winners are… *drumroll*

ZedEffEye has won the mini RAPS




and Audrey B (surname withheld for privacy reasons πŸ˜‰ – I hope you will recognise yourself and let me know which address we can send the RAngel to!) takes home the RAngel




Congratulations to you both! And thank you to all who sent a donation. It has made a huge difference to our overall proceeds!

I know that I have ZedEffEye’s address, but I am not so sure about Audrey’s. So please send me an e-mail to guylty@photographer.net and we will get your RAngel sent to you 😊

Finally, here is the draw protocol.

Other than that: Hopefully transferring the final donation to LOROS tomorrow evening. Can’t wait…

27 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 277/? – Lipgloss [+ Raffle Results]

  1. Congratulations to the winners!
    Love this window on the tin 😍😍😍. I discovered the thread with the descriptions of all RAPS (due to work procrastination). There was also a video showing the tins you have. On one tin there was a picture similar to Spanish windmills (just not white), maybe it can be suitable for Quart.


    • Oh yes, I think that was a Greek tin, but you are right, could possibly be used for Quart. Thanks for the inspo – I shall have a little brainstorm for that πŸ™‚


      • Btw there were many great RAPS in this thread 😍, I especially liked the one with Richard with a pen in the lid and the one with Lucas, presented among the ducks in the bathroom (no wonder the ducks were impressed with their companion πŸ˜‚).
        Once again lovely mini RAPS and RAangel.


  2. Congrats to the drawing winners! 😁
    Btw, Sonja, do you know yet when tomorrow you expect to release the final final number? I’d like to include it in my fb biRthdAy post, and since you are 6 hrs ahead of me, I might be pulling an all-nighter. Even an approximate time will help. Many thx.


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