2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #30

My daughter just told me some good news, I have a cake in the oven, the sun is shining and I just had a brief but lovely exchange with a fellow fan who happens to be visiting Dublin but whom I will unfortunately miss, and yet I have a big smile on my face. Somehow that brief personal exchange made me smile. All the best prerequisites to jump into a round-up.

Or hey, maybe it was this smiling picture that lifted my mood, too?
  1. Mininottingham has received the items bought in the fundraiser. You *must* have a look at these pictures, they are so fun!!!!
  2. And when you are done there, you can see the minis playing farm, thanks to ilariaeugealtomasini
  3. Richardarmitagefanpage has found out that the Panic audio book by LJ Ross will be released 20 October
  4. In German, we have this phrase “ein schöner Rücken kann auch entzücken” – a beautiful back can also attract. Fits pretty well for this pic set of Thorin from behind, posted by thewarriorandtheking
  5. … … … um. I am trying to gather my thoughts. *deep breath* Just having read Dessert by middleearthpixie. Whoa. Let’s just say I am hungry… NSFW. But very…
  6. A nice little set of the birthday photos Richard has posted on the occasion over the last years. By richardarmitagefanpage
  7. Middleearthpixie’s Miss Fortune has also gone to chapter 29
  8. Hehe, this looks like a picture from the Oakenshield family album… Posted by orcristwielder
  9. I LOVE riepu10’s birthday edit for Richard
  10. And another birthday set by riepu10, this time gifs
  11. Olya-dwarf has made this fabulous mini-clip for RA’s birthday
  12. A cake and some hearts for Richard’s birthday by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  13. Perfect choice of screencaps for this What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  14. Fizzyxcustard’s Betrayal is at chapter 9
  15. LOL “Oakenshield’s 14”. What a great idea. Perfect opportunity for a gender-crossing Bilbo. Posted by mortalmab
  16. I love that fan fic and fan art makes this possible: A fem bagginshield modern AU, drawn by astridwrynn

Ahhh, how lovely to have such a long list again. Richard’s birthday did the trick.

And yay, the good mood is lasting. The cake is ready, the sun still shining, and hubster is going out for a couple of hours, which means I can do some crafty stuff. Perfect weekend. Hope yours will be perfect, too.

Sonja ❤️


7 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #30

  1. # a lovely way to let you know the mail has arrived. #9 I love this edit too. And I like the new round-up photo.
    It sounds like a perfect weekend indeed. I’m really glad. Have fun crafting.


  2. #5 I’ve been singing pixie’s praises for a while now, but this time she’s gone too far! Not only does she turn the heat up a notch or three, but then clobbers us with a mic drop moment at the end when we’re too spent to realize what hit us. Still LMAO.


  3. A happy weekend, great (I thought your ‘cake in the oven’ meant something else for a minute!). Thanks for the great round-up. I loved Mini Nottingham receiving their goodies and all the birthday wishes.


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