2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

Oh what a difference. Wasn’t it last week that I started the round-up by saying the sun was shining and the spirit was high? Well, today I woke up to grey skies and rain. That puts a dampener on things – literally. But well, I have an hour before I have to head off to my booster vax appointment, and I thought I’d use the time to get this week’s round-up on the road.

That smile, however, *lifts* the spirits again…
  1. Starting off with some Guy profile porn courtesy of riepu10
  2. I’m not sure whether I have linked to chapter 1 of After the Fire, yet, but here is ch 2 of middleearthpixie’s Thorin fan fic
  3. Mood-lifting puppy eyes courtesy of Thorin and thorinsbeard
  4. Linasofia creates a moodboard that encapsulates the epilogue of her fanfic Naughty Thoughts
  5. A youngish Thorin, attempting to write. Beautifully (and digitally) drawn by hellsite-users-blog
  6. A sweet reader-insert comfort fic with Father Quart by linasofia
  7. Legolasbadass’s RA fic Office Hours goes to ch 11
  8. Betrayal by fizzyxcustard is a Lucas North x Raymond de Merville cross-over AU and is now at ch. 10
  9. Riepu10 must have been on a profile trip this week. Here is a gif set of Dr Astrov
  10. I love the stylised form of this Thilbo digital art by mathelaw
  11. *snorts* Yep, What a Guy Wants. Literally. By nfcomics
  12. Dangerous creatures have appeared in mininottingham
  13. Mrkida-art’s fan art is great. Here’s Thorin in the barrel
  14. And some digital fan art of Thilbo by theclod3215

So, some smiles, some profiles, some fan fics. Lots of comfort food for the weekend. Enjoy!

Sonja ❤️


27 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

  1. Good luck with the booster. I hope you won’t feel to groggy after.

    No. 1–If he wanted to invite me to just sit and stare at his profile for a day, I’d be okay with that. He can do whatever while I do. Edit or write or eat. I’ll be quiet. *sigh*


  2. #9 yes, his profile is great.
    Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t get the vaccin, but maybe it will be for good and soon you will get this new vaccine adapted to the new variants. I hope you are enjoying the weekend with Mr Guylty anyway and that he feels well.
    Yesterday I managed to persuade Mr. Graza to watch Porter series and he loved the first episode of the Porter series, hurray 😊, and wants to watch the next episodes. I knew he would like this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, who knows, maybe it’s worth while waiting for the updated vaccines, anyway. I just couldn’t help myself and was honest when they asked me about previous shots received… And I just didn’t really want to gamble with my health, just in case there were any reasons not to take the vaccine again… Anyway, all done now 🙂
      Great news that Mr Graza has been converted to Strike Back. It definitely is an action series that is compatible with our male associate members of the Armitage Army (husband division). Added bonus from husband perspective: Not too much romantic Porter stuff in there, so no jealousy… 😂


      • Very disappointing not to get vaccinated, but hopefully you will get a new appointment soon (fingers crossed).
        Yes, it’s great that he likes Strike Back. Evidently a lot more than Into the storm, which he also liked very much. And tbh this part of the husband division definitely favors more romantic Porter stuff due to the actress who played originally the nurse that charmed Porter (evidently just viewing these scenes from a different perspective 😂). It looks like it is an added bonus from his perspective (of course only because she is just very nice 😉 😂 (well, I expected it as she is exactly his type and I will survive it 😉 because I like her a lot too. In fact, I find her the friendliest of all female movie partners of the characters played by RA). Most importantly, he likes the action series with Porter 😊.


        • Oh, in that case it’s even better if Mr Graza finds something to his liking in SB 😂. Yes, Shelley is really quite nice, and certainly less snarky than Layla. She seems to have a soft spot for Porter – beyond the honey trap – and I liked the dynamic between the two.


      • Thanks, I’m very glad he likes this action series with Porter. It is fun to watch it together, and that now he is the one who asks to watch the next episode of a movie with RA 😊 😂.


  3. 4. This fanfic was new to me, but once started couldn’t put it down. The rest of the Round-Up had to wait while I finished. 🤣 Hard to believe the au’s 1st language isn’t English. Also a master of the double entendre. linasofia’s work is going straight to the top of my reading list. Thx.


    • I haven’t read it, either. But I did like a few of her other fics, so it’s safe to include her work 😉. Glad you liked it and spent some time catching up with fics!


  4. Autumn does seem to have arrived the moment the calendar changed to September (but I like the cooler seasons). Great round-up thanks Guylty. I don’t read much fanfic (prefer pretty RA pictures heh heh) but Betrayal has grabbed me. Have a lovely Sunday.


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