New Quart Pics

Heyho! After weeks and weeks of posts that were fandom-centric, I can finally post something that has some “news” value. Over on Twitter, mooseturds discovered the press pack for Man from Rome, and in it is at least one, if not two new stills of Richard as Father Quart.

The press pack is in pdf format and contains the promo for the film in Spanish. It also mentions the Spanish release date as 21 October 2022. No info on further release, though. Some of the images have already been seen, I think.

But there is a new still that is very evocative and actually quite *ooof*y. Check this out:

The press pack also contains all the actor bios, and as the lead, RA is right at the top:

Father Quart – Richard Armitage

This British actor has been endorsed by critics and audiences thanks to his roles in series such as Robin Hood or Strike Back, as well as in Peter Jackson’s trilogy based on the novel The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Interesting choice of previous roles here…

ETA: mooseturds unearthed a couple of other close-ups that I didn’t see in the press kit. Here are her tweets with the shots:

In any case, it’s good to see the project inching closer to release. Here’s hoping that there will be a nice premiere with RA in attendance! You can access the press pack HERE.


29 thoughts on “New Quart Pics

  1. Small drops of news … definately not enough. I am still waiting for the proof of any visit to Switzerland, especially Geneva, this summer.
    When I crossed the town by tram on Sunday evening I saw at lot of nice places for promo pictures.


      • And now we get the teasing pictures for Geneva.
        I nearly fell from my chair when I saw the first selfie. I did not expect this place. The building was my workplace for nearly six years.

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          • It is now a Biotech Campus which offers lab space and offices to many different companies, start-ups and I think also part of the university. Historically it was built by and initially occupied by one big Pharma company. I was working there later when the initial owner was taken over by my employer.


            • Interesting. The question is now why RA photographed himself there. Was he staying in the Eden Hotel and that was just the first sight he wanted to take a photo of? Or did he use it as a location in his book? I guess we’ll have to wait and hear… Thanks for the info, NF!


              • Exactly. Potentially he visited the building for a tour and to meet with some of my former colleagues.
                I am really curious what inspired him to use Geneva. I never heard that he had spent time here. And then second why potentially something in the Biotech field. There are more known buildings and businesses here.

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          • I was really sure that Richard’s story would be about CERN and particle physics.
            To see the selfie in front of that building for a second even felt a bit creepy. That is a place I have a lot of memories and emotions for. As if Richard is intruding into my personal space, where in real life he does not belong. Had to remind myself that he really cannot know about me 😉
            I just hope now that my profession and business are not depicted too negatively in his novel. Otherwise I might have to stop liking his work …


  2. Definitely oof-worthy! I have looked but unable to locate on ebay an English translation of the book. Having read more about the plot it sounds very intriguing, and that the production team has had successes with previous films.
    On another note, I thought Richard’s comments about the Queen’s passing were touching and heartfelt. Thoughts to all out there mourning her…


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