2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #33

Oh dear, it’s been an age. I’ve been absent from blog and SM for a bit because I had my best friend visiting. Well, and life, really. Mostly all good (although Mr Guylty has had less good news; his health has deteriorated a bit and the decision has now been made that he will be placed on the transplant list soon. From then on it will be 🤐 here, but I’m sure I’ll find other ways of updating you about the developments). Having my friend visit – she is the “ETC” or “esteemed travel companion” with whom I travelled in New Zealand seven 😱 years ago – was a welcome change to the ordinary and meant that we got out of the house a bit. We managed to go for lunch in a favourite cafe once (Avoca Cafe on Suffolk St, for anyone who knows Dublin), had a meal in Wagamama and even made it to the cinema to watch See How They Run in a matinee. All activities taking place outside or avoiding bigger crowds. – Last night we were taken out for a meal by our young German lodger whom we had given refuge for a couple of months. He has left today to return to Germany and to university. But it was great fun hosting him here, an open and very engaging, young man. I think he had a good time with us, and that makes me very happy.

After dinner I sauntered back home at a leisurely pace. It was Culture Night in Dublin, and the streets were teeming. I took a shortcut through Trinity College and captured this moody shot.

How lucky are/were my kids to study in such surroundings… My daughter is now in her final year in college, and my son has his graduation ceremony at the beginning of November. He is moving to Berlin next week – another young emigré, typical of his generation. 😢 But leaving the sombre thoughts behind, let’s catch up with what has been happening on tumblr these last couple of weeks.

  1. Petite Voleuse by linasofia is at ch 4
  2. The promo poster for MFR without the words, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  3. Oh, or here with only Father Quart, also by richardarmitagefanpage
  4. Riepu10 spoils us with a gif set of angry Guy
  5. Finally, Weta Workshop has released a mini Thorin collectible. Richardarmitagefanpage has the deets
  6. Aw, look at this scene from Thorin’s family album. Cute fan art by cracked-doll-mom
  7. And a broodymoody Mr Thornton on his way to Helstone, giffed by riepu10
  8. Ch. 12 of middleearthpixie’s After the Fire
  9. An animated slide show of RA reading/recording by olya-dwarf
  10. Oh goodness, wide-eyed intense Astrov is a mood 😵. Gifs by qveenbervthiel
  11. Looking at this scene from NS, it looks as if RA was really feeling it. Posted by thornton-loves-margaret
  12. *snorts* I had to laugh out loud at this quip in the What a Guy Wants series by nfcomics 🌵
  13. Including this pastelly-sweet little digital drawing by ashleylulu here because I find it amazing how much you can express without even showing the faces of the two subjects

13? Lucky number, right?

I am now going to set about getting my summer decorations down and switching over to autumn. Have a great weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


21 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #33

  1. All the best to Mr. Guylty!

    Graduation ceremony are popular lately 😉. Something nice to look for in the fall. Everyone is on the move now. Even RA went back to the Big Apple. You will have more opportunities to visit Berlin, and you like Berlin just now 😊.
    #12 *the full cactus* – funny. 😂 I have to remember this, when in real life the *cactus* 😉 from last month will prick us again.


  2. So glad you had a nice visit and some entertaining outings with your friend.
    Best of luck to Mr. G. with the further treatment.
    And Master Guylty is off to Berlin? Exciting. Are you sad or happy for him to go? Probably a bit of both.


    • Thank you!
      Yes, it’s a bit of both, although German mama is very pleased that her son is moving to Germany 😉. It’s sad, but I already have a trip planned to Berlin because I am travelling to Germany for a wedding in early November. Will use the opportunity to see him then.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yes, at least he’s going “home” and not somewhere you have no connection to. And yay for a visit on the books already. That makes saying goodbye a bit easier.


  3. Glad you’ve been enjoying your “time off” and all positive thoughts and prayers to Mr. G.
    The theme of this week’s round-up seems to be angst. Is there something in the air?!
    #4 Stunt man? Who needs a stunt man?
    #9 Very artistic and quite apt given the amt of voicework RA’s done of late
    #12 Brilliant! Who among us couldn’t have used this line w/at least one boss?!


  4. Glad you enjoeyd your friend’s visit 🙂 Travelling companions are always the best, I have missed mine in our “Covid era” and hope to see them soon again. I wish you best of luck for the hubby’s health. Ah…that Astrov espression…


  5. It is lovely to hear from you, It is good that you have been having some good times, as it sounds like you must be dealing with some mixed emotions at the moment. All the very best for Mr Guylty and I hope that he gets treatment soon.
    Your shot of Trinity college is wonderfully atmospheric and it would team well with RA’s recent umbrella silhouette.
    That Father Q pic in your header is mesmerising. Thanks for the round-up of goodies.
    4) Reipu’s moody Guy – I’ve re-played that first clip of Guy many times, with that exposed flesh when RA elegantly tumbles over the bed. I thought he was wearing a thong at first but realised it must be a strap to prevent him mooning at the camera!


    • Thank you, J.
      Trinity College always looks great at night, but I was really impressed that my smartphone camera caught the image so clear…
      And as for mooning and thong – I think I have to go back and scrutinise that gif set right NOW


  6. Lovely roundup, thank you Guylty. I really enjoy the What a Guy Wants ones – I always scroll down to read the others afterwards and there are many gems.

    With heartfelt best wishes for Mr G. Thinking of the Guylty family always. xxx


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