2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #34

It’s round-up time! Well, it has taken me a little time to get into gear today, but better late than never 😉.

  1. Not quite sure where this clip of Father Quart comes from? Part of the trailer? Or the film? Well, here it is, a gif by serik27
  2. And more Quart images, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  3. Part 14 of fizzyxcustard’s fan fic Betrayal
  4. Sir Grumpy is annoyingly beautiful. Gifs by riepu10
  5. Richardarmitagefanpage has reposted Richard’s new IG header – advertising Geneva
  6. When the BTS video of the Fault magazine photo shoot first came out, I remember there were lots of people saying that RA looked pissed off in the clip. Well, here he is, giffed by riepu10
  7. Ch 32 of Miss Fortune by middleearthpixie
  8. “Applying majesty” is how thewarriorandtheking has titled this picture set of RA being made up as Thorin. Apt.
  9. It is so good to read such enthusiastic posts of new fans. Couldn’t resist replying to sunfloweronthebeach to welcome her to the RArmy…

That’s a quick one for you today. It’s not that I haven’t got enough time. It’s rather that I am currently embroiled in lots of crafting, and that really excites me. Because I am already in the middle of preparing for the December fundraiser. Yes, we’ll have one this year, again. I have not quite sussed out the actual dates yet, but they will be determined by the Christmas mail deadline here in Ireland. I want to make sure that the goodies arrive with their new owners in time for the festivities. So we are looking at a fundraiser week that stretches across the end of November into the first few days of December. If anyone would like to contribute items to the auctions or the fixed-price sale, you are very welcome. I have already received some exciting pieces, I am making some stuff myself, and I know that Kate has been busy crafting her much-loved RAngels and tags, too.

Back to the crafting table I go ✂️…

Sonja ❤️


11 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #34

  1. #9 Her sign off, SEND HELP, says it all. We are a muti-dimensional support group of Richard-obsessed fans. Some want to study and immerse themselves in his complete body of work (Guilty!) Some just want to swoon over pretty pictures. Some blog. Some bring others into the fandom. It’s all good. We’re all in this together. 🤗 Hugs


  2. Can’t wait to see the results of your crafting, Sonja. Glad you have time to craft. After seeing more of your previous RAPS recently, including the No Frills RA Shrine 46 with the little magazine 😍😍 and the Astrov BTS shrine 229 with the script and mirror 😍, I’m excited to see the new ideas your are working on.
    #6 Yes, RA is there somhow absent or sad (but maybe it was just meant to look so, he’s an actor after all). How could she take these pictures after he looked up at she 😉 😂. #9 sunfloweronthebeach likes the same photos as me (weel, probably as we all). Sending the help she is asking for after seeing these pictures will be of no use anymore.
    I think I overdid the *Lucas North in Spooks 9 dose* in one week for the *husband division* 😉 (btw he doesn’t like the ending 😊). Because while I was sleeping peacefully tonight, he was carrying out in his sleep some rescue operation to get me out of my office through the park on the roof, a ladder on the wall of the building (there is actually no ladder there 😂) straight to the fountain below (and this all despite my protests that I don’t want to crawl to avoid the cameras 😂, I just want simply to go out through the front door). But he was glad that he had succeeded and that I had earlier helped him hide the books they wanted to destroy (they really want to destroy this books – no more little firm library ☹). Clear signs of Lucas overdose 😂 😂.


    • Sorry for replying so late. But just to say your comment was actually a great reminder. I hadn’t really thought about shrines at all, but now that you mention them… Yesterday I picked out a few tins from my stash, and now I am itching to get some tin magic done…


      • Absolutely nothing to apologize for. I’m very glad you enjoy learning Irish (and that Mr Guylty enjoy your Irish 😊; maybe your in-laws still know Irish well) and that you took the time to do crafting. The more that it is in our interest, as we will see something pretty again 😊. And if there will be RAPS, I’m glad I’m talking so much 😂. Maybe it will be even a James RAPS there 😉. And tbh I am pretty aware that I talk too much 😊 😂 due to the home office modus since two years and the lack of social contact, so I’m sorry for my chatter. It’s good that it will at least be of benefit to art 😊.


        • My in-laws do not have any Irish at all. (M-i-l is English, and f-i-l is Anglo-Irish and grew up in Scotland and England.) So unfortunately no one to practice with… However, I find myself getting really competitive on Duolingo 😂. I am hell-bent on staying in the top 3 of my level – and I am putting in the hours to maintain my ranking 👩‍🎓.
          Oh, a James RAPS? As in James from My Zoe? Good thought. I don’t think I have ever made a shrine for him, have I?
          Please chatter away, Graza! There is never too much ❤️


          • Brilliant ranking place, top student. I’m sure that you will maintain your ranking, you are persistent.
            Yes, that handsome James from MZ. You wrote some time ago that you like James style (who wouldn’t 😊) and that maybe it would be worth doing a RAPS for him, but I didn’t see any. So you are probably right that you never made a shrine for him. Probably because it’s not that simple and mayby it wouldn’t be so popular. Although everyone admired the photos, which show him standing over the drawings on his desk.
            Make RAPS you really like. These will be the prettiest and bring joy for you ❤️


  3. A great round-up, thanks Guylty.
    1) There are some gorgeous pictures of Father Quart coming out. T
    4) Annoyingly beautiful is the word.
    5) Ditto – that little glance upwards, ooh!
    6) It is great that converts fall under the Armitage spell through different toles.
    (I am intrigues by your crafting! I can offer a few baubles this year.)


  4. The phrase “Smallish but perfectly formed” comes to mind this week. 😍 Thanks, Guylty. Sir Grumpy never lets us down, does he? And #9 resonates with many of us, I’m sure.

    A lovely varied roundup, thanks again. Hope you have lots of fun with your crafting. I’m in awe of your creativity!


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