2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

Conas atá tú? Sonja is ainm dom agus labhroim Gaeilge. (How are you? My name is Sonja and I speak Irish.) Ah well, the last bit of that sentence is a lie. I don’t speak Irish yet, but I am learning, as you can see. Last week my Irish course started and I am all fired up. The course itself didn’t really teach me that much as such. It was more teaching *about* the language than teaching *the* language. But once home, I signed up for Duolingo on a whim. And I have been hooked ever since. I spent most of my free time practicing on the app rather than reading WP or replying to comments here 😬. But I’m taking the time to compile the round-up today.

  1. Chapter 23 of After the Fire by middleearthpixie has dropped
  2. Suave, Guy, suave… Season 1 Guy giffed by riepu10
  3. I take it you have heard that The Man from Rome has seen a Russian release already?! Serik27 has created a fan video of some highly anticipated scenes of the novel. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled.
  4. One of the general truths of mankind, discovered by were-assuming-frodos-gay
  5. Fizzyxcustard has written part 3 of a Ray Levine fic
  6. I haven’t read this Quart fan fic by linasofia but I am including this here anyway for the moodboard/illustration of the post
  7. Whatever “significant hugging” is, I want it. Nfcomic’s What a Guy Wants
  8. Allpartofthejob says what everybody’s thinking 😉
  9. Love this rendition of Thorin and Bilbo in animal form. Drawn by tondw0o
  10. Older but included here for TLR camera porn. Posted by qveenbervthiel

There we are. Something to read, something to ogle, something to laugh about. Hope that sets you up for the weekend!

I received a large package in the post this week for the December auctions. So we are slowly rolling forwards to the winter event. When I haven’t practiced an Gaeilge, I’ve been doing some crafts for the fixed-price sale. And while tidying today, I delved into my stash of mint tins and spontaneously picked out 7 or 8 tins which I might turn into shrines. We’ll see how that goes…

And how is your weekend going?

Have a good one and slán,

Sonja ❤️


23 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

  1. The Quart content lately is really 🥵
    And no. 7: Fuck yeah, sign me up. I’ll take the annual season ticket pleaseandthankyoukindsir.

    Enjoy the language class. Sounds like you’re having lots of fun. 🥳


    • duolingo works ok for me too. especially for languages that I have not learned before. the reminders and challenges and streaks and whatnot really work for me: I’m not annoyed by it but really motivated to do at least one lesson per day. giving it a try can’t hurt!


    • I would definitely say that Duolingo is worthwhile trying out. You can sign up for free, so there is no obligation to it. Don’t be put off by the child-like graphics etc. I find it quite effective because there is lots of repetition (which I need in order to learn the phrases and the difficult Irish spelling).


  2. 2. Every time I see pictures of him in *that* coat, I think to myself: there’s one of us out there who looks at these pics and thinks, “And now that coat touches me.” YESSSSSSS, a victory for one is a celebration by all of us.


  3. Plus on étudie de nouveaux langages, plus il est facile d’en étudier un autre.
    Vous n’attaquez pas le langage le plus simple. Mais acquérir d’autres notions que les bases est nécessaire pour vous qui vivez en Irlande. Vous pourrez approcher les textes , la culture. Mes félicitations!


    • It’s been a long time since I learnt (or attempted to learn) a new language, and I can feel that my brain is not as agile anymore. But I have to say that Duolingo makes it fun and easy. I had always been interested in learning Irish and had wanted to learn the language when my children started learning it in school. But at the time I couldn’t find any adult beginner courses. I hope to pick up a few phrases now. The question remains, whether I will ever be able to actually *use* the language. Not many people in Ireland speak it, really…


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