A Leading Role in “The Boy in the Woods” for RA

We have wished for a period piece, and I suppose The Boy in the Woods is such. Deadline names Richard as one of the leads in their article, accompanied by a first glimpse of Richard in the role of farmer Jasko.

I’m having visions of John Proctor… maybe Richard can draw back on his 7-hour axe-sharpening again for the role.

Brrr, they are filming in Canada now – and winter is coming 🥶. I hope he has some thermal undies under the farmer garb. Otherwise my vision of Proctor will transform into visions of Dolarhyde 😬. (Warning: horror haters please quickly scroll over the illustration below!)

Gif snaffled from sorely missed fellow fan PreoccupiedwithArmitage

Not necessarily a film that I would look forward to under normal circumstances (the Holocaust as a subject needs extreme care), but I appreciate that RA’s role choices are once again giving me the opportunity to open my mind.


18 thoughts on “A Leading Role in “The Boy in the Woods” for RA

  1. Interesting that he’s billed as a lead. I somehow had the idea it would be a smaller part.
    Still not sure if I will watch this. It’s a very tough subject matter.

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    • I am curious about the work, but like yourself, I have my reservations. Not really something I enjoy watching. Mostly because I am worried that the subject isn’t approached with the gravitas it deserves. But then again, you and I are coming to that subject with the “burden” of being German. It’s ingrained in us to view the subject as superserious and with utmost caution.

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      • Exactly. I have never been able to stomach fictionalizations of the holocaust. It is so utterly and unimaginably evil and there is this collective guilt attached to it for me that I really try to avoid it. I have seen the real thing (documentaries & camp) and it’s shattered me every time.


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