2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

Wow, it has been a really long time since my last round-up. Things kept getting in the way – visitors, more visitors and a trip abroad. But now I am back to pick up the thread… I’ll have lots of time to do so because finally…

Yeah, the pest has finally caught up with me. I must have brought back an unwanted souvenir from Berlin. I returned on Wednesday night and felt fine on Thursday. Had a tiny bit of a scratchy throat on Friday and took a test. Negative. Felt a bit under the weather this morning, and bingo… 😕. Luckily Mr Guylty is in hospital for tests right now – but he will be sent home some time next week, so I need to move out somehow. *sigh* It’s all so complicated.

So let’s distract ourselves with a round-up. With 4 weeks gone by since the last one, this will surely be a bumper issue…

  1. Cute, hot, pretty, bad. What’s your favourite? A gif by olya-dwarf
  2. New photo of Richard as Father Quart, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  3. Latest chapters of several fanfics… here is Office Hours by legolasbadass
  4. Riepu10 delights us with the “man in black on a black horse”
  5. Apparently Richard is going to narrate another CJ Tudor novel, says richardarmitagefanpage
  6. I really enjoyed this short little reader-insert fic by fizzyxcustard about Ray
  7. This is already part 5 of a Father Quart fan fic by linasofia. I haven’t read it yet
  8. Richard and Jo Joyner working together – then and now. Gif set by riepu10
  9. Middleearthpixie’s After the Fire is at chapter 40!
  10. Fizzyxcustard has some vivid imagination 😉. I like this one – has anyone requested it as a fic, yet?
  11. Another “together again” post by riepu10, this time Richard and Holliday Grainger
  12. Evenstaredits does exactly what it says on the tin. Nice manip of a Thorin pic
  13. Some nice close-up gifs of Quart, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  14. Gifs of the recent True/False clip on the release of Geneva. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  15. Another olya-dwarf animation
  16. ooooh, booooo, I missed all the Halloween stuff. Here is a Halloween edit by richardarmitagefanpage
  17. riepu10’s vampire Thorin
  18. Pretty edit of one of RA’s recent photos, posted by olya-dwarf
  19. Vampire!Ray by riepu10
  20. And a whole slew of other chaRActers that have been given the vampire treatment by riepu10
  21. Wow, that 51-yo really is quite sprightly for his age… a Piel del Tambor clip, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  22. Pics from bts of the Geneva trailer shoot, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  23. LOL, I had not see this. Looks like two influencers advertising some miracle hair care 😂. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  24. WARNING! Horrible shirtless pictures behind this link. BEWARE. Could traumatise you. Not. Posted by enchantzz
  25. And if you happen to have already seen LPDT, then here are gifs of Quart made by enchantzz. Otherwise: spoiler alert
  26. An interesting overlap of RA and Thorin, made by rca-pics

I’m sorry, I’ll leave it at this. Feeling a wee bit woozy now. Although that might be caused by all that 51 yo horror 😂.

Stay well, all, don’t let the virus catch you!

I’ll be back soon with announcements about the December fundraiser. I had planned to do my photography, admin and organising this weekend, but in the interest of virus-hygiene, I am staying away from those items. However, the timeline is unaffected.

Sonja ❤️


24 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

  1. Small link problem:.no. 13 shows no. 12 again

    I’m sorry the plague has gotten to you. I hope it’ll prove to be very mild with no lingering effects! 🤞🏻🤞🏻


  2. Great haul. Thank you for doing this despite the health situation.

    And can I just say, I might have to rewrite my latest blogpost in light of what I just saw in no. 24. For fuck‘s sake, Richard. That quote is even more egregious now.


    • Couldn’t agree more Kate.
      I can’t help concluding that Richard is basically full of s##t! But I guess most actors are…. The inconsistencies, contradictions and the protestations in his interviews (particularly his recent one in the Daily Telegraph) just serve to undermine his credibility IMO. Makes me want to tell Richard to get over himself, and to count his blessings (which are many).


  3. Take care, Sonja! If you’ve been vaccinated it should pass as a serious cold, but getting back to full energy takes longer than if you’ve had the snivels. So rest and drink lots of hot tea!


  4. Welcome back, Sonja. So sorry Covid caught up w/you. 🤧 Hoping you feel right as rain within the week.
    Spent an inordinate amt of time on tumblr while you were gone, so seen all but #1. Additionally, the BTS shots from TMFR courtesy of astrovian are literally an embarrassment of Riches.
    #5 RA voices Carter, 1 of 3 major characters. And coming Dec 22: Panic by LJ Ross, #5 in Alexander Gregory series and 3rd narrated by RA.
    #8 & #11 At least 21 additional RRCs (Richard Recurring Co-Stars) have been profiled on FB fan pgs this yr. (I have a spreadsheet if anyone is curious).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, no. Get well soon, Sonja. Hope you can get an antiviral medicine that will help you recover even faster. Oh je, and you did the weekly round-up for us even though you are sick. Please rest well and get better, Sonja.🤗


  6. Sorry you’re not well, and that makes life extra complicated for you right now. I hope at least it proves to be a mild attack. ❤️


  7. Sorry to hear you are unwell with covid. Get well soon Sonia. Hopefully you can get over quickly and it won’t impact your family too much.

    Thank you for collating the round up. Re no. 24, I had to laugh when I saw the shower scene pictures from The Man from Rome. I recall RA did a similar shower scene playing Daniel in Berlin Station? Can’t help wondering if the black undies will make an appearance too??! 😂

    Has anyone seen The Man from Rome?


  8. Oh poor Guylty, I hope you are feeling better now and thank you for heroically doing the round-up, gorgeousness galore!
    Reipu’s Together Again is a great idea, spotting RA’s co-workers is fun.
    23. Lol, is she smelling his fragrant hair? Mmm.
    24. The horror! My eyes!


  9. Oh, dear Sonja! I’m so sorry to hear of your illness. Hopefully it is a mild case and you will recover quickly. Take care and get well soon. ❤️


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