Embracing Life Post-Twitter

Here’s a sight for sore eyes. I might have lost my sense of smell and taste for the moment thank you, Covid, but here’s a morsel with a sweetness I can definitely savour. Richard takes us on a flashback to Geneva via Instagram.

Ah, Richard is embracing his other SM platforms. A reel, straight from the horses’s mouth phone. I can’t help but smile – mainly because he is so smily in his little clip. Very nice. I wonder whether he will spoil us with a few more such bits…

And oh, the sunshine… makes me feel warm just watching that.


29 thoughts on “Embracing Life Post-Twitter

  1. It’s a lovely clip is’t it? I see he’s taken to posting such links on both Twitter and Mastodon now. I wonder if he is as confused as I am about what to post where?


  2. I’d say he’s happy, not only that his job allows him to travel, but that he can indulge himself in the facet of the job he obviously relishes: Research. Say what you will about the man, but he definitely knows the meaning of the word Preparation. And it pays off! 👍


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