RA Pocket Shrine 279/? – Hot Price

I have neglected my shrine page. I realised this morning that I hadn’t updated the gallery since May or so…

Lots more in the gallery… and actually one more to update today, because I have made another shrine that had been on my list for a while.

Kiss, kiss. Who is inside. Proctor? Porter? No, it’s the Price…

Yep, this is German. And the German readers of this blog will know what is coming…

*giggles* Anyone of you German readers out there remember that abominable advertising show from way back when? Harry Wijnfoort, anyone? 😂 Anyway, for the non-German speakers here – “Der Price ist heiß” translates into “Price is hot”. Truth, right?

And the joke of it all is that there used to be a German advertorial TV show called “Der PREIS ist heiß”. Preis means “price” in German and the word is pronounced identically. Sorry, Adam, but that was what came to my mind when I first found out that the lead character in The Stranger was played by Richard and called Price 😂

Right, that’s it. Just a bit of German humour – yeah, I know… Sorry for a two-poster today, but I needed to get this out because it is going into the fundraiser.


9 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 279/? – Hot Price

  1. First, never apologize for an additional post. It’s a treat.

    Second, OMG how brilliant is this shrine? I love it. 🤣🤣🤣 That’s a name I haven’t seen in a grip: Harry Wijvoord.


    • Ich sag nur Walter Freiwald 😂. But yeah, sorry, it just had to be done. I could never get that thing out of my mind. (And now I am wondering why I never thought about the American original: The Price is right… I see more shrines coming 😉)

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  2. A bit more hotness cannot be wrong for this dark and dreary November days….Absolutely not! Der Preis ist immer noch sehr, sehr heiß!!!


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