Teasing #DecemberFundRAiser

Two more sleeps and the fundraiser is upon us. The last of the packages have arrived here, the bundles are packed and the listings are written. High time for me to whet your appetite with a few teasers – and to already give thanks to the donors who have supported the December fundraiser this year.

As always, we will have our mainstays – DVDs and posters and magazines – but also some unique items such as prints, fan memorabilia, fan sets and one-off custom-made items. The focus is on sustainable shopping: Many items are pre-loved and may already have passed through a couple of fan-hands. Others have been handmade, effectively cutting out any middle-man. That’s if you don’t count me. As of now, I have 27 items on the list for eBay auctions. On top of that, there will be 100+ items for sale on Etsy. Enough for everyone – but the release of items in two batches has proved practical, so watch out for announcements. But more about that in a separate post at a later stage.

For now, my thanks go to the supporters of the auctions, namely Ani, Anne, Anna, Esther, Graza, Jane, Janee, Kate, Lana, Louise, Mezz, NF, Pam K, Pam R, Paula, Poppy, Stacey and Velvet. I am super delighted that we have a few new donors on the list who have parted with some very special items and taken the trouble to organise shipment of their donations. Your gifts to the fundraiser are very welcome and appreciated, and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity and ingenuity in putting together your contributions.

So without further ado, I’d like to whet your appetite with just a few items that will be on sale. Note: There will be more, and there will be some other true star items in the auctions – I am showing you these items now, because I erroneously made videos of them. Anything must be used… As always, I like to keep the suspense and the surprise by only revealing a limited amount of items in the run-up to the fundraiser. Such as the following gems…

More stunning gems will be revealed on Sunday, so stay tuned.

And just as a reminder: You will find all the auctions from Sunday on eBay. I am aiming to set the first auction live around mid-afternoon GMT. You can access them via my eBay page HERE. You’ll get notification that the auctions are live via my blog – where I will post a short summary of all the items with a picture, description and link to each individual auction. Larger and more detailed images of the items as well as further information will be added in the respective eBay listings.

Remember that we send anywhere in the world, even if the listing should say otherwise. (Occasional glitch in the past!)  Please note that the #DecemberFundRAiser is a private and non-commercial fundraiser. We’re all amateurs here, with no commercial aspirations. The proceeds of the auctions (= revenue minus postage costs, eBay/Etsy listing fees and transaction fees) will be donated to British hospice care charity LOROS, in lieu of Christmas presents for Richard. The donation will be made after all auctions and the fixed-price sale have ended on December 2nd, all items have been paid for, and I have worked out and deducted the fees. I will notify you here on blog once that is done – probably on the 5th of 6th of December. The plan is to have everything shipped by December 7th, so that is when the donation is probably going to be made.

As in previous years, I will open my Paypal for donations to the December fundraiser, too. All donations will go into the same fund and be added to our proceeds.

Right, I have to organise yet a few things, as well as visit poor Mr Guylty in hospital. It’s coming up to three weeks in hospital at this stage, and he is not happy that he will have to stay over yet another weekend… Keep us in your thoughts ❤️


36 thoughts on “Teasing #DecemberFundRAiser

  1. Love those videos. Sustainability above all, right?

    Sorry to hear Mr. G. isn’t homeward bound yet. Sending you all my very best thoughts. ❤️


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  3. The waiting is the worst, isn’t it? So sorry you have to endure yet another delay. Sending prayers that Mr G will be home with you soon.
    The previews are titillating. Anxious to see what you’ve done with Portah. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for sharing the teasers, no doubt the auction will be another success. I’m so sorry that Mr. G isn’t home from hospital yet, I hope he will be home soon. Have you recovered fully from Covid?.


  5. Thank you for the lovely teaser. So exciting! I always look forward to the auctions. Sending good wishes to you and Mr Guylty. Hope he’s discharged soon.


  6. Wishing all the best for Mr Guylty and hope he will be home soon.
    Very exciting peeps into the auction. (We have been without wifi for days and didn’t think that I would be able to participate in the auction but it is more or less sorted today – phew!)


    • Thank you, J! Hopefully on Thursday, in time for December…
      And whoa, that sounds like a nightmare re. wifi!!! Especially just now when the fundraiser is coming. I am glad that it has sorted itself out!!!

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  8. So sorry to hear Mr G has been do delayed in hospital with the tests, hope he’ll be home with you soon. And good to hear you are feeling better in spite of everything, hope tea will help with the cough. Thanks so much for putting all of this together and spending all the time with the details 🤗 some beautiful items there! I’ll make sure I contribute with my few pennies regardless if I bag something or not. Hugs to you and family xx


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