RA Pocket Shrine 280/? – Astrov’s Desk

I really could’ve waited with the gallery update. Because here is yet another shrine reveal – in lieu of the round-up. Yep, I was busy for the December fundraiser. As is often the case, the mint tin determined who and what I was going to enshrine in it.

This mint tin has been in my stash for a long time. I think it came from Hari. And since it already had a bit of an antique theme, I thought I’d give Dr Astrov a bit of a vintage look.

There he is, the father of time 😂. Don’t ask me why I stuck him into a pocket watch. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason to my creative decisions. – I was a bit more deliberate with the rest of the design, though.

There’s Astrov sitting at his desk, the weight of the world on his shoulders. I just thought he fitted the vintage feel quite well.

This was meant to be the desk of Dr. Astrov – with some of his specimen cards on it and all the other bits and pieces the conservationist might be interested in. But then it looked a bit empty, and so I laid puppy-eyed Astrov on to the desk as well.

How nicely the candles illuminate the box…

Anyway, now we are caught up with all the shrines. 280 altogether now. Only 20 to go until I reach a milestone. Crazy. But well, all RA’s fault. As long as he makes TV and movies, there’ll be material to enshrine. Let’s see what the future brings…

PS: This RAPS will show up in the December FundRAiser, too. Tune in on Sunday!


29 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 280/? – Astrov’s Desk

  1. Oh, that is gorgeous. Perfect vintage vibe for Astrov. Another chaRActer that just keeps on giving. Lovely work. I love all the “flotsam and jetsam” from his desk all around. And you chose the perfect pictures. A masterpiece!!

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  2. Simply beautiful. I wish he knew how much he inspires, how the characters he has created just keep living on and existing in our hearts and imaginations.


  3. Love this! And I think it is from an older impulse buy of mine indeed, I saw and I thought same, i think I did fall for it. Fits Astrov perfectly 🥰 really love those photos you picked and the whole set up… in a strange way Astrov and his world weariness is very of our times aa well. Just a great creative idea! And looking forward to the milestone… and really,it has to ve Guy on no 300 🤣🤣 love this. And very much looking forward to the auction, I may have to try and bid for this one 😀 x


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