2022 #DecemberFundRAiser Evening Update #1

Good evening, dear readers. I wish I could play you the chiming sound of the eBay notifications. It has been my soundtrack of the day. 🎼 *pling* 🎶 *sharung* 🎵 *pling* That can only mean one thing: The bids have kept coming in all through the day. Please don’t be disappointed if I cannot announce another milestone yet. We are only one day into the (3-day-) auctions, so it has slowed down a little bit. But experience reassures me that bids will start moving again as we go into the last 36 hours of the auctions.

So, the next milestone is still a good bit away. However, we have still lots of great news. After I amended the starting price for the gorgeous RA bracelet this morning, we quickly received several bids on the item. Thank you so much to the bidders. The top 3 remain unchanged from this morning, but many other items have attracted bids. So here are a few new stats for you and opportunity for me to draw your attention.

While the magic mug continues to lead the number of bids stats (28), it appears that the Miss Marple DVD and the RA stickers are quite popular, with 18 bids each.

Your interest in individual items is also reflected in the number of views. The fact that some of the “more conventional” items such as DVDs (as opposed to the hand-made or unique pieces and sets) are also getting viewed a lot, is a good reminder that those items are sought-after. So the North & South DVD has been viewed 104 times. The top three items in terms of views are the magic mug (182), the RA fan set (161) and the RA bracelet (131).

As always, I like to list a few items that are within affordable price brackets – just in case you feel like placing a bid.

Under 16 Euro

Under 35 Euro

Remember, every bid counts, even if you were outpriced 😉. In that case you have moved the prices forward – and have the added benefit of not having to cough up 😂. Thank you to all bidders, watchers and multipliers over on Twitter, Mastodon, blogs and Facebook. I very much appreciate your efforts at signalboosting the event.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to already thank the donors to the Paypal donation pot. Thank you for your donations – they make a massive contribution as well. Click on the image below to be taken straight to Paypal 👇.

That’s it for now 😊. I’m sure there will be more to report tomorrow morning. If you would like to whet your appetite for the upcoming fixed-price sale – due to start once the eBay auctions have ended, so early Wednesday evening – I recommend you check out Kate’s blog. She gives you a full preview of her much coveted RAngels and tags.


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