Update 1 – Milestone 1 #DecemberFundRAiser

Good morning all. The fundraiser is well on the way. Not without glitches – my apologies to Ani and Anne whose gorgeous folder-brooch-set got (virtually) lost along the way and went live on blog and on eBay with a delay. So as a signalboost, here is the blurb and the link for you:

Fans of RA and of Castlevania will love this super fan set, a handmade creation by Ani and Anne. It consists of a gorgeous brooch made by Ani of Trevor Belmont with a delicate chain detail. The brooch is contained in a little see-through pocket on top of a photo folder with lots of pictures of RA. There are even a few pockets with little hidden goodies (stickers with original drawings). Handmade and perfect. The folder was made by Anne. CLICK HERE

And now on to the update. And *tada* let’s celebrate the first milestone.

Even last night, before I went to bed, we had reached the first magic number. As I headed off to snoozeland, bids to the tune of €1250+ had accrued. Amazing! Thank you to all you early bidders out there who kicked off the fundraiser. As I am writing this on Monday morning, more bids are coming in and the eBay app is gracing me with its melodious chime 🔔. The number is rising 🥳 but I will leave further details for the evening update later today. Would you like a few stats so far? Here we go.

  • The current bestseller is Esther’s magic mug that has got a whopping €150 bid on it. It is also the auction with the highest number of bids (27). Massive thanks to all the bidders.
  • Astrov’s RAPS is also proving popular with a current top bid of €103.50.
  • At number 3 is the above mentioned RA fan set by Ani and Anne which has quickly made up for the delayed posting and sits currently at €79.50.

At this point, 28 out of 29 items have received bids. Maybe it has been my fault that the listing without any bids has not yet been given any love. I may have priced it too high, but I did so because it is a truly amazing piece of handiwork: The RA beaded bracelet by Lana is an intricate piece of bead-weaving. I have amended the starting bid now, so maybe someone will kick us off at €30.

Before I go and start my day, a last word on technical issues: I heard from several people last night that they were unable to see the bidding button on eBay. As you can tell by the fact that bids have been received, the listings *are* live and accessible for most. Some people were able to work around the issue by downloading the eBay app onto their devices and then searching for “guylty” or any of the listing titles (see my previous post for those). I hope this will help.

And now, have a great day, everyone. I’ll be back later tonight with more updates 👍 – if you keep the bids coming, that is 😉


13 thoughts on “Update 1 – Milestone 1 #DecemberFundRAiser

  1. I knew it! I keep an eye on something and it will be a hard battle at the end, I think so.
    I have had difficulties with the app, too, so I occupied the desk with the computer of my son. I am fine now, hehehe

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