2022 #DecemberFundRAiser Evening Update #2

We are now in the final 18 hours of the December fundRAiser! I’ll keep it short. The total has risen steadily all through the day, but we are still a tiny bit away from the next meaningful milestone. Including the financial donations received so far, we need about €150 before I can present you my next milestone edit. 😉 So, for the moment, I can only post this:Here are a few items for your consideration:

Below 20 Euro









One-of-a-kind Hand-made Items



















Fan Sets, i.e. Multiple Item Packs







  • Lucas North Set (the listing of which contains one image too many – the scorpio pendant belongs to the Porter Pack, of course!)



  • Sir Guy Fan Set




This is only a small selection of items. You can get the full overview over *all* items on offer on my eBay storefront. Click on the screenshot below to be taken there directly.

Let’s see what tonight brings. 😉

Donations welcome via Paypal (click image below)

See you tomorrow! 👋🏻 😴







6 thoughts on “2022 #DecemberFundRAiser Evening Update #2

  1. I’ve decided to minimize stress by waiting til the last hr when I’ll pick the one item I can’t live w/out (so difficult as there are at least a half dozen I’m salivating over), take a deep breath, make my max bid, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a dicey approach, but there’s always the fixed-price sale. So many items calling my name there as well. What a marvelous quandary.


      • Oh, yes, I can bid, but it takes a couple more clicks/scrolls than I remember it taking last Dec. It is what it is. If I’m supposed to win an auction, I will. If not, my $$ will still go to LOROS via the fixed-price sale or donation route. That’s the goal, after all. 😃


  2. As you’ve undoubtedly seen, I was able to access the bidding in my laptop. And wonder of wonders, when I received an outbid notice today, I was able to follow that link to access the listing, even though I was on my phone. Technology is a weird and wonderful thing!

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