The Fixed-Price Sale Is Coming Tomorrow #DecemberFundRAiser

Hello all. I hope you haven’t been waiting for a morning update. The truth is – there are no major milestones to report *yet*, and secondly I was embroiled in an urgent translation *sweats*. However, I think the time has come to signalboost the upcoming fixed-price sale via Etsy/Pattern.

The fixed-price sale will start tomorrow, soon after the eBay auctions have concluded. So that will be Wednesday, 30 November, early afternoon (GMT).

This year we have 8 different items in the sale. Most of the offerings will come in multiples, but some are so exclusive, they are only available in a small number. In total, we will have 100+ individual items for sale. The pricing reflects that the postage costs are inclusive. Prices will start at €10, making a purchase an affordable option for a donation with an item in return.

In order to “brave the tornado” (see right), the fixed-price items will be released in two batches – batch 1 on Wednesday early evening, batch 2 on Thursday morning. That way I can hopefully offer a fair chance to those who aren’t online at the start of the fixed-price sale. This strategy is not possible for *all* listings (due to limited numbers) but where multiples are available, I have split the listings for a second, later restock/new launch.

If this is your first fundRAiser, this is what happens for the fixed-price sale: The items can be bought for a fixed-price *duh* on my personal Etsy-powered shop called ScissorsandSmiles on Pattern by Etsy. Christmas is a busy time for makers, hence I cannot switch off my own products from the store. To avoid confusion about which items are my private sale and which belong to the fundraiser, the fundraiser items will be clearly labelled. The red image (see on the right) on the Etsy listing means that you are buying an item whose proceeds go into our donations pot. (You can see the label in action in the gallery images below.) The listings will also mention the hashtag #DecemberFundRAiser in the title. Also, each listing descriptions starts with the note “THIS IS A #DecemberFundRAiser ITEM!!!!!”.

So, want to know more about what will be on offer? Well, it is no secret that Kate has made lots of RAngels and tags for the fundraiser. (I linked to her sneak previews via my blog post yesterday.) But It’s only fair to give our other contributors some love. You can look forward to this:


All items in the sale are fan-made, some commercially made but designed by fans, and many of them hand-made and therefore vary in details. You can buy multiples of the same item (via the “quantity” button in the individual listing) – or put several different items into your shopping basket before you pay. That will make the shopping process easier and faster for both you and me 🙂. (However, I do understand that demand can be so high that it is safer to buy fast and individually rather than paying for all chosen items at once. I won’t hold it against you 😉.) You don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy on Etsy!

Most of the fixed-price items will be sent by me – some will be sent by the kind makers/donors from their own country, so don’t be surprised if you receive separate shipments at different times.

The contributors to the fixed-price sale this time are Esther, Armidreamer, Ania, Poppy and Kate. The sale would not be possible without their wonderful handiwork and their generous donation of time, material and creativity! Thank you for supporting the fundraiser again!

My thanks also go to further donors who have donated money via Paypal. Thank you so much! Donations are possible by clicking on the picture below. It will take you to Paypal where you can send a donation. Please label “December Fundraiser” and click “gift/friends” to avoid additional transaction fees.

As for the eBay auctions: 27 hours to go. I’ll check in with you this evening.


3 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Is Coming Tomorrow #DecemberFundRAiser

  1. I have just returned home from school. I am so excited with the news!!! Our good cause for LOROS is on the way… I thank you dearly, Sonja, for including me to your team and all the members of RAarmy. Many thanks to the donators, buyers, providers, supporters, each and everyone of you for making that effort come true. Above all, to you, Sonja, for your pure soul and consisting effort.


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