Second Batch of Fixed-Price Sale NOW LIVE #DecemberFundRAiser

Just a short notice that I have released the available second batches. They are:

3 more fan baubles



2 more trinket boxes




7 more RA tags




6 more RAngels




4 more RAngel 13s





We still have plenty of place mats as well as mobiles and a cake stand.

Not sure why, but the listing for the place mats refuses to display any photos. So for your information, here are the other pictures:

BTW, if you have read to hear, you deserve a little sneak info: By last night I could already tell that we have cracked another milestone!!!

Yep, it’s a biggie. No wonder Guy is holding on to it with all his might… More info soon.

For the fixed-price sale, click HERE.



11 thoughts on “Second Batch of Fixed-Price Sale NOW LIVE #DecemberFundRAiser

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot I meant to buy another placemat, so after buying a different item and checking out I read this entire message and realized I hadn’t seen the placemats when I logged in via the app. So now there’s 5 items, each placed in a separate transaction, coming to me. So sorry for the extra work, Sonja. Thanks for all you do and congrats on another successful fundRAiser.


    • Fabulous. I am glad the fixed-price sale worked out for you, Lou. And no worries about the individual transactions. I probably would buy individually, too, if I was a buyer 😊


  2. Sonja, the general site of Etsy is showing that the RA placemats donated by Esther are sold out. After you post in the blog I found the link to RA placemat that work on my computer and posted it on Twitter under you last post about Fundraiser. I hope it’s ok that I have posted this link there, and that someone will notice it.
    My big apologies for single orders. But it really can’t be done otherwise if you want to buy the things you want, because otherwise they run away from the basket in seconds. Oh je, we must have done an awful lot of work for you.


    • First of all – no worries about the work, Graza! It’s all good. Individual orders are not that much of a problem – I just have to print out more order receipts and then sort them according to buyer. The main reason why I suggest not buying individually, is that for every individual order, a payment fee of 25 Cent is due. So, 4 items in ONE transaction = 25 Cent payment fee. 4 items in FOUR transactions = 1 Euro payment fee. Having said that – if I was shopping in the fixed price sale, I would do the same as you guys. Otherwise items are snatched right out of the shopping cart. It’s all good.
      As for the placemats – thanks for posting the link. I had only listed them on the Pattern site in order to save on listing fees.


  3. eeek! Are 2 placemats only ones left? I was looking 2 hours ago, there were 3 categories left – now it’s only one.
    Awesome!!! ❤


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