Shipments, Notifications and Milestones #DecemberFundRAiser

Well, hello, hello. I am still here, I haven’t done a runner with the dosh. 😂 *cue Father Ted catch phrase* Since the fundraiser sale ended late evening last Thursday night, I have been playing Parcel Tetris, Label Lottery and Shipping Shimmy. 27 eBay orders and 68 Etsy orders had to be sorted, combined and packed.

As you can see, I have packed sustainably, mostly with used packaging material except for the placemats whose dimensions required a specific size of envelope. The result was a stack of 50 shipments in total. Buying postage labels online, printing them and then sticking them onto the individual shipments took approximately 50 meters of sticky tape and lots of time 😂. One of these days I probably should invest into one of those thermal label printers…

Then I *sustainably* transported the shipments to the post office – by walking one Ikea bag plus a shopping trolley full of packages to the PO. Then it was only beep-beep-beep at the post office, as the labels were already pre-paid and only needed to be scanned. The people in the queue behind me were happy.

Upon my return, I sat down to send out shipping and tracking notifications. All buyers should have received notifications by now that their items are on the way. If you have not received a notification for an item, this is due to it being shipped from a different location. I will let you know once your item has shipped. A note to all UK buyers: Apparently Royal Mail will be affected by industrial action in December. The delivery of your items could be delayed. Unfortunately this is out of my hands. More info HERE.

With the shipping all concluded, all that was left to do was tally up the proceeds. So here is the official milestone:

Without giving away the exact amount yet, I can tell you that we have made the

€3,000 milestone 🥳

That’s grate!

No seriously, it is. It’s a fabulous result.

As a little insight, here are some general ballpark figures how the proceeds add up: On eBay, we made €2,000+, on Etsy we generated €1,000+ and in terms of donations we received €600+. Before you rejoice – we have deductions for postage to the tune of €500+. That still leaves us 3,000+ – but only in EURO. The transfer of the donation will be in Pound Sterling, and with exchange rates the way they are, we are off by about £200… I will most likely round the figure a bit in order to make sure that none of my private Etsy fees were erroneously deducted from our donation. But it won’t be to the tune of £200. So, if anyone is still feeling generous, I am leaving the donation pot open for now. Every penny counts. CLICK BELOW.

Otherwise, tomorrow would be a nice date to transfer our donation, right? Sinter Klaas and Nikolaus presenting a gift to LOROS and Richard… I’ll let you know here once the tally has been finalised and the donation has been made.

But you may already celebrate that we have made a fabulous amount of money for charity. Amazing support – thank you so much! You 🪨!!!


29 thoughts on “Shipments, Notifications and Milestones #DecemberFundRAiser

  1. Thanks for the notification and all your efforts! Good for LOROS, good for us, good for the guy who caused the mayhem 😉 ! Now rest and take care of yourself and your family! I hope your husband has returned home safely? Btw that room with a view looks gorgeous! Eine schöne und jetzt hoffentlich ruhigere Adventszeit!


    • Hehe, “guy who caused the mayhem”. Touché!
      Yes, Mr Guylty finally came home last Friday – after almost four weeks in hospital. Now finally Christmas time may start…


  2. Grate result. That’s a lot of cheddar for charity. Thank you for once again facilitating the auction cum tornado. 🧾🌪️ You are and always will be The Best™️ and I’m so happy to be part of this brilliant group of people.

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  3. Spectacular job, Guylty. Let me know (privately) if you need any more money for postage. I wasn’t interested in buying anything but would be happy to make a cash donation (immediately) so that your only donation is labor. *Only,* as if. Thanks for the grand effort.


  4. Wow, this is so amazing again, thank you as always for organizing all of this, I appreciate it so much and it´s so great to be able to join in and be a part of all of this ❤️. I´ve made a little donation via the button to help with the postage. Danke schön! 💗😊


  5. Wow this is more than amazing really! And you’re work is stunning, i hope post office knows it is all for a very good cause 🙂 And yes sadly Royal Mail is on and off striking every week until Christmas so all post is delayed, but it doesn’t matter i would think, lovely things are just as lovely a few days later. Many thanks to everyone and you for all the hard work!!!


    • Post office lady (not the dragon) was rather stony-faced when I turned up with 50 packages and insisted she put them through the scanner all in one go. (I had offered to stop in order to let some people in the queue go through.) Thankfully it was quite fast.
      The postal workers have really chosen the best time of year for industrial action. I hope they do get the raise that they want – maybe the strikes won’t be as long as anticipated.


  6. Gratulation zum Ergebnis!
    Und erst recht zu Mr. Guyltys Rückkehr nach Hause. Macht euch die (Vor-)Weihnachtszeit schön!

    Übrigens gibt’s meines Wissens Klebeetiketten auf A4-Bögen, druckergeeignet … Vielleicht suchst du mal ein bisschen rum, ob sich da was für dich findet.


  7. Another magficent effort from all concerned. You are truly an awe-inspiring bunch! ❤️

    Guylty – what with one RL thing and another this end, I had no idea Mr Guylty had been in hospital all this time. So happy for both of you that he’s home now, and sending all good wishes for the Guylty family as a whole.


  8. I thank you for letting me being a member of such a great team. Glad to hear that mr Guylty is home again. My thoughts to all of you…


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