Richard’s Christmas Message Has Dropped

For those of you not on Twitter, Instagram or… wait for it… Tiktok (!!!), here’s Richard’s Christmas Message 2022. Oh yes, baby, right there on the platform du jour. Mind you, Tiktok can’t be embedded on WP, therefore I am embedding his message by way of Instagram. Without further ado:

That’s a really lovely message. Never mind the whole platform issue and I have to say that I don’t really think Tiktok is a great option, either – from musky censorship to Chinese spyware. Yes, yes, it is the choice between pestilence and cholera. But who knows, if Muskman actually follows through with the poll results, maybe Twitter could be saved? But I did like how relaxed and impromptu Richard comes across in his little clip. From slightly mussed-up hair to the smiles not to mention the cheesy kiss at the end!! , this seems to be such an authentic Richard moment. I won’t lie, that really made me smile, and I felt reminded of the early fan communications way back when he was filming RH. Just less guarded, maybe, or less tense.

Anyway, it’s always great to see him enthusiastic… The release of Obsession and possibly another novel penned by Richard himself – well, that may be cause for enthusiasm for us, too. Apart from the enthusiasm already caused by Richard liking many of the replies he received for his message. Spirit of the season!

Also, good to know that Richard has re-opened his JustGiving site for Shelter. A great cause – especially at this time of year.

Right, it’s late (1:21 am), I need to go to bed. Talk soon!


17 thoughts on “Richard’s Christmas Message Has Dropped

  1. I agree Guylty I loved his relaxed enthusiastic message and even the cheesy🥰 blow 💋 kiss at the end. I feel he is feeling less pressure and he’s also got plenty of work lined up which in his business is always good. I hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a merry New year x


    • Thank you, Pamela! ❤️
      I think Richard really seems to love Christmas. He always comes back to the UK for it, and he always seems to be in a great mood at this time of year. And maybe diversifying into producing and novel-writing is also lifting the pressure a bit…

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  2. It´s really a lovely message, he looks really relaxed and happy and I´m happy he posted it across his social media accounts 🎄🎅.


  3. I loved how he said about Geneva : we made it number one in the Audible charts. I suppose ‘we’ includes us too 😉
    Nice to see Richard happy and relaxed. Tik Tok is definitely not my cup of tea so I hope he will duplicate his videos on other platforms 🤞🏻

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    • Oh, absolutely we made Geneva the bestseller it is, and I am glad he is acknowledging that 🥳. I haven’t yet listened to the Virgin podcast, but I read somewhere that he said something about releasing Geneva in print format. That’ll attract some interest, too.
      Yes, I agree – Tiktok isn’t really something I want to get into. Plus, I don’t really think it’s the platform where *his* target group hangs out. We’ll see what he does…

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  4. This is a lovely message from Richard. I think we get a glimpse of the real man; he can come across as quite bland and a bit vacuous in some of his press interviews in my opinion. Here, he appeared relaxed and open, and so pleased with the success of his book. Made me feel happy for him too.
    I have never met Richard in person, but I believe I may have seen him last week driving down the Lower Richmond Road in London whilst in heavy traffic. I was waiting for a gap in the traffic to turn right into the main road. A maroon coloured car drove past me; I clocked the driver who was bent over the steering wheel and his face looked familiar. I registered his profile as that of Richard with his very distinctive nose and beard. I realise there is a chance it might not have Richard but his profile seemed very familiar (having ogled over many photos of him over the years). Failing that, there is a yummy daddy doppelganger of Richard driving round south west London!
    Just thought I would share my “encounter”! Surreal but it did happen…


  5. Every year I look forward to Richard’s Christmas message, and this is such a lovely video. I’ve watched it umpteen times and it always makes me smile, I love it. He’s warm and relaxed and seemingly happy with his achievements for 2022 – as he should be! (I’m very glad he posted on Instagram too, I’m not fussed about TikTok either tbh).
    To you Sonja, and everybody here, have a wonderful Christmas/festive season, however you celebrate. I’m looking forward to another year of Richarding and fun with such a fabulous group xxx


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