Last Shout-Out to 2022

The final day of the year has come. Will the next year start as good as this one? I had a little look over “the year in fandom”, and do you remember how it started? Not only did Stay Close drop and bring us yummy toggy Ray.

Early on in January we were also treated to a whole article in magazine Nobleman, with lots of nice pictures.

With a new picture of suave Father Quart I felt compelled to poke a bit of fun at Richard in February.

The SM issue continues to flummox me. RA has started on two (2!) new platforms this year. Mastodon and Tiktok. With now four SM channels at his disposal (IG + Twitter), maybe it is time for Richard to invest in some professional help with his electronic communication…

Jokes aside, February brought war to Europe, and in March we organised an impromptu charity sale in aid of Ukraine. My biggest wish for 2023 is that the war in Ukraine will end. I don’t want to go political in this post, but just to say that I am deeply disappointed in mankind. With all our talent for intelligence we still have not been able to find ways to solve conflict diplomatically and avoid war, at least on the big world stage. And yet it is possible to co-exist peacefully! In my ten years in fandom I have seen that happen in other contexts.

But well, good things take time… Just like a novel. From first dropping a hint at RDC5 in 2019 (!) that he was writing a novel, it took three years until Richard’s first piece of long-form writing was announced in June.

Very fitting for a “Doctor of Letters”.

Our fundraising efforts rose to new heights in August with our birthday gift for Richard. Looking back at my blog, it seems I must have been exhausted after the excitement of the auctions, because there were only four posts that month. I am picking the release of some new Quart pictures as the September link. This one below was not in the mix, but… you know… reasons…

October was “big news month”. Geneva released to much acclaim, RA announced that he had acquired the rights for the Jackman and Evans books by Joy Ellis with his production company and was planning to play Jackman himself. And then, very much by-the-by, the closet door was opened and out came RA *hoorah*.

A propos – Christmas came early, with our Christmas fundraiser, scheduled at the end of November. The final numbers only saw the light of day in December, but we’ll count that as a November achievement…

And so we have passed another year – in life and in fandom. It has been a blast and a pleasure, again. Your support has made this year much easier for me, especially on a personal level with increasing worry about Mr G’s health. I confess that I am currently looking at the future with much trepidation. This blog and the friendships forged in this fandom provide much needed distraction and strength while I face the – frankly quite frightening – future. With real life looming large, I sometimes feel my interest in RA waning, to be quite honest. But every time I look at the man, I feel reminded that it is through the shared interest in him and his career that I have met so many wonderful women whose generosity of time, support, friendship and love are giving me strength. So here’s to you! May your 2023 be happy, healthy and prosperous!

And here’s another little toast, the customary New Year’s message to Richard.

Dear Richard,

you mentioned that your 2022 started with an empty schedule. Well, you certainly filled it! The Man from Rome, the Netflix miniseries – and another book?! Looks as if you have been busy – and as if you are stepping into the next year with your diary already filled. We will benefit from your diversification into producing and writing – even more opportunity for your fans to see, hear and read what you are creating. Just promise us you won’t exchange the acting chops with the producer’s hat for good – we still want to see you on small and big screen. Or preferably on stage – that would be even better.

Here’s to 2023 – yet another opportunity to fulfill your professional and personal dreams. May there be commercial success in it, new inspiration for your literary efforts, secure financing for your production projects and a happy and stable private life to balance out your intense work. And lots of work that you can share with us. Because we notice you, 51 or not! 😉

Much love,

Sonja ❤️


38 thoughts on “Last Shout-Out to 2022

  1. Dear Sonja, thank you for your friendship and the fun you created for and with us in 2022. One of my personal highlights was your visit in April. I can’t wait to see you again. For 2023 I wish for peace for all of us, many fun fandom moments and health for Mr. G. Sending hugs and kisses from my very German middle aged evening (Ekel Alfred, Dinner for One & Raclette). Kate


    • I completely left out the personal highlights in my post, but my visit with you was certainly among my own favourite moments, too. Here’s to another year of fun in the fandom!


  2. RA was certainly busy, but so were you! With your organizing and crafters contributions and fandom support, there was such a lot of money raised! (My package from the Christmas fundraiser just arrived on Wednesday.) Not sure how you manage to keep doing it all with life trying to get in the way. Happy New Year and best wishes for Mr Guylty’s health.


  3. 2022 was my first full year in the fandom. Along the way, I stumbled into the strange and often frustrating universe of SM, expanded my world view via new acquaintances across the globe, fed my altruistic heart thru fundRAising, reconnected with my creative side by way of FB fan pages, discovered fan fiction and audiobooks, and indulged my RA obsession over many hours (and dollars!) spent diving head first into his massive body (!) of work. It’s been a blast, and I remain in awe of anyone who’s been at this for decades. Imho, that sustained interest and unconditional acceptance defines a true fan. Looking forward to more of the same in 2023. Slàinte Mhath! 🥂


    • This was only your first *full* year of fandom participation, Lou? As a regular participant here on my blog, it felt as if you have been part of this for much longer 😊. I am glad you have had so much fun with the collective side of fangirling. Here’s to more in 2023!


  4. Happy New Year Sonja. Thank you for all your fantastic work ans your frienship. Wishing you and Mr G health, happiness and peace for 2023 ❤️


  5. Brilliant summary, dear Sonja! Our corner of RA fandom is a great fun thanks to your hard work.
    Happy New Year and best wishes for you and your family ❤️


  6. Thank you very much for including me to that marvelous company. It’s been a privilege. Sharing, creating, caring for each other. We are all together as one. Health and happiness.


  7. Thanks for everything you’ve done for this community this year Sonja – I wish you and Mr Guylty all the very best for 2023. ❤️


  8. Dear Sonja, may this New Year surprise us that it will be much better and happier than we expect, may it bring peace, give us strength and hope and health for Mr Guylty and make us enjoy every happy day. Hugs and kisses from the part of the world that is already in the New Year, accompanied by ABBA music 🤗 ❤️
    Thank you All for the opportunity to be in such wonderful company. Happy lovely New Year.


  9. This is my first post on your site, although I have been lurking for a year or so. I have come late to my RA addiction and so happy to have found this fandom. I wish you and your family all the best in 2023. Happiness, better health for Mr Guylty, and peace to everyone.


    • Hello Katy and welcome to the blog. I am delighted you have delurked (although lurkers are very welcome here, too 😉) and hope you will find interesting bits and pieces to continue commenting on. A happy new year to you, too!


  10. Happy New Year 🎉🎇🍀💗, I wish you and your husband the best of health and that things will get better for your husband, thanks for all you did and do ❤️, your message to RA is really lovely 💕😊.


  11. Happy New Year, Sonja! Wishing you and your family many blessings in the coming year..good health, much happiness and that you have continued creativity inspiration. Thanks for all you do to make this a welcoming space to share our RA admiration.


  12. Lovely message to Richard as always Sonja, you articulate my thoughts exactly and way better than I could in writing!
    I love our fabulous little corner of the fandom, here’s to another year of fun and friendship.
    Wishing you, Mr G and your family all the best for 2023, especially a positive outcome for Mr G’s health xx


  13. Dear Sonja and Lovely Ladies, my best (albeit belated) whishes of a wonderful 2023! Well, at least less awful!🥂🥂🥂
    Finger crossed for Mr. Guylty 🤞🤞🤞


  14. Very very late to this but Happy New Year, Guylty!
    Like you, real life gets in the way for me as well but at the basis RA is still there and I still at least try to follow the stuff he does (even though I don’t consume all). It’s like having an old familiar friend around. You don’t need to engage constantly but when you do it’s good. 🙂


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