2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

OMG, I hadn’t opened tumblr on my iPad for so long, I had to re-download the app today. So, welcome to the first weekly mid-quarter tumblr round-up 2023… With six, seven weeks already into the year, there will hopefully be lots of goodies to list. I’ll pick what I can find…

  1. Linasofia has embarked on a new fic. This is already part 3 of a Thorin Oakenshield fic. I haven’t read it, but nevertheless
  2. Richardarmitagefanpage has giffed the Geneva book presentation video
  3. Valentine’s Day resulted in a whole slew of Bagginshield love. Here is one by necrobatz
  4. Riepu10 spoils us with a throwback to Trevor Price
  5. *coughs* I’m feeling warm… Here are some Quart gifs by riepu10 also
  6. Some people want a lover who looks at them like Mr Thornton at Miss Hale. Darthvell wants something else…
  7. Riepu10’s Valentine’s cards are a true classic. Here they are again
  8. Not sure what the rust coloured shirt does for RA, but Richardarmitagefanpage has giffed scenes from RA’s recent podcast interview with Bestseller Academy
  9. Fizzyxcustard presents a Gisborne fic. So far a one-shot, but might develop further. Smut alarm!
  10. I hadn’t seen this BTS photo of Father Quart yet. Really very priest-ly. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  11. Puggledy-huggledy-is-not-a-pig is starting a playlist of songs that remind them of Guy. What would you put on the playlist?
  12. Already way back on New Year’s Eve, fizzyxcustard posted their Richard Armitage Character Head Canon Series. Great idea. Maybe this is also a series that could be pulled over to blogland and turned into a “distraction series”?
  13. Yep, Guy *always* makes an entrance… Post by fizzyxcustard
  14. Also by fizzy – a Porter fic that continues from an earlier prompt. I love that Porter is getting some love…
  15. Hehe, yes Marian… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  16. Aninomori posts “a bit” of Porter. Stunning, as all her artworks
  17. Buildarocketboys has it got down to a tee. The romanticism of Guy’s character was exactly what hit me

I’ll leave it here – enough for you (and me) to ease ourselves back into the round-ups. There was – of course – much more there on tumblr and I encourage you to go and have a look yourselves. As always, don’t forget to give the creators a like or a comment as a little thank you for their continued fan service ❤️.

Before I go, just a big thank you to all of you for the warm welcome back you have extended to me on the blog, on Twitter and via e-mail. It is lovely to be back in touch with you and to engage in the comments. I haven’t yet replied to all but will in due course.

Much love,

Sonja ❤️


9 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

  1. So now I know it’s weekend when the round-up is there😊. And a very nice one, from Daniel to Guy and Geneva. I see that at #4 you fell down the same rabbit hole of Quart as I and ended up at #5 on the balcony in Rome (I took the path towards the two giant vases 😊). You also think that probably on this balcony he took later this selfie from Rome with a palm tree behind him? #7 all Valentine’s cards in one place, some I haven’t even seen before, they’re great. #15 😂.
    And now it’s time to dig myself out of this really nice rabbit hole and do some work (because I’m overwise going to talk you to death here, as I’m bored here at home alone between conversations with Mr G on Skype). And I have to be more careful because a while ago I accidentally almost include a link to your Distraction Challenge with Lucas kiss in a work email, phew… Better not to find out if I would get a bonus or get fired (although I think in the case of this kiss I would get a bonus 😂).
    Have a nice weekend, Sonja.


    • That certainly was a very deep rabbit hole indeed 😂. Glad you found some things you enjoyed.
      And *arrrgh* oh yes, sharing the wrong link has always been one of my nightmares, too 😂.


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