RA Makes the Coben Hattrick

It’s confirmed. Richard is going to be in Netflix Coben#3.

The blurb of the show as reported by Radio Times: “Fool Me Once follows Maya Stern (Michelle Keegan), a mother shaken to her core by the brutal murder of her husband Joe (Richard Armitage), which drives her to install a secret ‘nanny-cam’ in her home to ensure the safety of her young daughter. – But watching back the footage only brings further instability to Maya’s world, as the intruder she discovers in her home is her very own thought-dead husband. It wouldn’t be a Coben thriller without a twist.”

I had a quick look for a synopsis of the book which provided a little more info. (Not giving anything away here in case you’d feel spoiled by it, but all I’ll say is Richard’s children are getting younger 😂. After his two (almost) teenage sons in TS, he now he has a 2 yo daughter… Not bad for a 51 yo! 👍)

According to RT, the show is already filming in Manchester and North-West England. Well, that means we may soon get the steady trickle of pics and insights from the set, I hope. Just the thing we need, right? It has been quiet for too long. Mind you, I guess the show won’t see the light of day until early next year. *sigh*

Random still

After keeping myself spoiler-free for Stay Close in 2021, I have now gone the other way and just ordered myself a copy of the Coben book. Let the kopfkino begin…


27 thoughts on “RA Makes the Coben Hattrick

  1. But why is it that so often the actress that plays the wife is so much younger than the husband ? I know there are older husbands, but I do find that boring, as it happens so often on TV. Hope it does well, but that bit irritates me! 😖


    • Maybe a reason to read the book. To find out if this comes from Coben’s initial story (maybe is even part of the plot) or was adapted for Netflix (to give the role to RA).


  2. The plot sounds interesting. Though I almost got scared they would murder his character again in the beginning and we will not see much of his character.
    There is nothing unusual here about men having children even well into their fifties. As Julie Delphy said at the conference about My Zoe, a man can easily start a family also in his fifties. In fact, it’s becoming more and more common here. So no wonder they chose him for the role. Especially since the movie it’s going to be about a murder, not a kindergarten 😉 😊 Thank you for introducing to the plot of the book 🤗


      • Hmm, a baddie… seems promising (in the reviews they write that the ending is shocking; so maybe he is a baddie or mayby he is not, mayby Maya is, or maybe he has a twin brother).
        Well, for now he posted on IG a book plates signing for Geneva (with Montblanc pen?), anyway, with the help of some drink with bubbles.


        • 😂 I like your suggestions… twin brother 👯‍♂️.
          I wonder what the book plates are for – or rather: I am surprised that the signatures are not in the book itself but on separate pieces of paper. Is that how it is done nowadays?


            • Yep, it’s a bit early for book signing. IDK, personally, I’d prefer the signature to be on the fly leaf rather than a flimsy extra page, but no doubt it is easier this way. Otherwise he’d have to have a whole truck load of books delivered to his house and sign his way through them 😂


          • I was surprised at first too, I somehow assumed he’d do it same way as Harlan, but signing books would be much more difficult logistically. Also indeed it’s considered to be more elegant to include decitations/signature in the form of bookplates or attached cards. At least I like that the bookplates have the inscriptions: *Confidential* and *The Schiller Institute*. Or was it only for the FaberBooks Spring Party? Someone wrote that there was a streaming to this event, but I didn’t find it, only photos (he was reading from his novel).


            • I was wondering, too, whether these book plates were maybe just for the Faber event from yesterday. Maybe they handed out the signed book plates for people who will buy the book once it is available, and then they can paste them in there themselves? The “Confidential” and “Schiller Institute” logos were a fun touch!


  3. Can’t wait! Although my heart sank for a millisecond when I read RA was playing a corpse but then Coben tackled resurrection in Stay Close so hopefully RA will get some screen time – and I dooo like the name Joe.

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  4. Richard’s character isn’t dead, so hopefully he’ll enjoy plenty of screen time. Joe might be the baddie … but maybe not. I’m sure there are more twists to the story. Either way I have faith in what Rich can bring to the role.


  5. Don’t you suspect, after all these years and all this…friendly collaborating between those two…that Coben may have written this character with RA in mind to play him? I am looking forward to watching it from that angle and wondering.


    • Fool Me Once was written in 2016, well before Coben and Richard began their “collaboration” with The Stranger on Netflix (2020). But as I have not read any of his books and can only go by what I have read, evidently the filmed versions of his books usually have some surprises that are not in the books; so who knows what will happen with Richard’s character. At least we have “Obsession” to look forward to sometime this spring – also on Netflix – and I am hoping for lots of steamy scenes with RA and no corpses in sight!!


    • Nah, I don’t think that is the case. The book was published in 2016, so it came out well before their first collaboration. But I do think that Coben will adapt the character a bit for the show…


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