2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

I’m kicking off this week’s round-up with news that I omitted to mention yesterday. Netflix’ Obsession has now been given a release date. It premieres globally on 13th April 2023. Heck, that’s less than a month from now!!! Apparently some Netflix territories already play the trailer for Obsession. It hasn’t yet dropped on Netflix Ireland, but I expect to see lots of glimpses in today’s round-up. Here is Netflix’ official photo tease:

Obsession still Photo: Netflix

Looks like some kinky bondage going on there *oomph*. I find myself getting increasingly prudish with old age. Seven years ago I would’ve lapped this up, and now I am feeling some mild trepidation about watching this “steamy erotic thriller”. What the heck is wrong with me????

Anyway, let’s look at the round-up now.

  1. Here we go. Richardarmitagefanpage has a video clip of the Obsession preview. No idea whether this is the whole preview or just a part of it. Also, no sound on tumblr. But intense RA with bonus eyelash flutters…
  2. And here is mezzmerizedbyrichard with gifs of only Richard from the preview
  3. Slightly more assertive: Guy in this gif set by riepu10
  4. Fizzyxcustard keeps the drabble nuggets coming. Here is Lucas North
  5. Also by fizzyxcustard, ch. 5 of Anything is possible
  6. Sorry, lots of fizzyxcustard, but her drabbles are just so good. This is Mr Thornton
  7. For additional visuals to above drabble, refer to riepu10’s gif set of Thornton and imagine the reader “you” in Margaret’s place
  8. The Modern AU of Thorin, Seven Days, by middleearthpixie goes to ch. 27
  9. Might have to cool down in the shower after Obsession. Riepu10 provides the appropriate (or not) gif set of Father Quart
  10. Oh, this passed me by: Richardarmitagefanpage posts notice of a new audiobook narrated by RA
  11. Nice fan art of Thorin by tpark-art
  12. Hooray, mininottingham has come out of hibernation. Here Guy and Robin are playing with tigers…
  13. A nice animation of some RA pictures by olya-dwarf
  14. Janeaustenjunkie shares the Ways to Catch Mr Thornton

Oooh, that was a nice, substantial list this week. Hope you found something nice there.

Re. Charity Sale

Before you go: Just to let you know that I will post later today about the imminent charity sale. FYI, it will be an impromptu sale, so I won’t be giving notice but simply post the listings all in one go. Since this is not a RA birthday/Christmas gift fundraiser, I don‘t want to go through the whole rigmarole of posting in batches etc. I hope you understand. In any case, post later today.

And now – happy weekend!

Sonja ❤️

25 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

  1. The trailer has dropped in Netflix Canada and it is as steamy as you think. Actually it’s purely PG but his voice is seductive and hers is enticing. Cannot wait! The audiobook is not listed in Audible Canada. I hope it will be.


  2. # 1 Yes, this is the whole preview. There is sound, just click on the speaker icon in the right corner, it’s much better with sound. #6 I’m starting to like these drabbles. #14 very accurate advice.
    😉 I also must have some specific/weird approach to the new movie (albeit in some different direction) as I don’t know why but my attention is attracted by the nice light purple color of the ribbon/bondage and the hand.
    Sonja, will you only write later today about the upcoming charity sale or will the sale also take place today with the next post?


  3. Thank you for the update. My interest in Richard continues…just about….
    I shall definitely watch Obsession when it’s released out of curiosity. I know the bare minimum about the plot but I am hoping it’s well acted. Maybe Richard takes off more than his shirt this time? 😉
    What struck me about the preview clip was how much older Richard looks, particularly around his mouth. But then hey, aren’t we all?!
    I seem to recall that he described the making of Obsession as “transformative” in an interview. Given the photo tease, maybe what he meant was he’s developed a taste for bondage?! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  4. #1 William seems almost timid in comparison to Anna. The resonance of Richard’s voice 🔥🔥🔥 Bondage shot likely a publicity still only, but if it is an actual shot from the series and represents the climactic scene, Richard being fully dressed suggests less overt eroticism than in the 1992 film.
    #8 pixie continues to burn up the page, #10 normally I would never turn down a chance to listen to RA, but there are seven books before this one in the series so I have concerns about being able to follow the storyline, #12 LMAO 🤣


  5. The audiobook sounds interesting. I won´t watch the series though, he´s a great actor and person and that´s why I really like him but he keeps going further into a direction that I just don´t like while most others really do so this will be just right for them. I guess I´ll see enough gifs and pics of certain scenes over the next few weeks and months and I´ll try to keep quiet and hope and wait for a project that´s my cup of tea.
    Liebe Grüsse.


  6. Nice roundup! #1 Hooray! The series drops on my birthday 😊 #10 I had missed this one too, thanks.
    Thanks to the creators who donated for the fundraiser- some lovely items were on offer and the final tally was fantastic. Also, yay- after many previous attempts I finally snagged one of Kate’s angels. ❤️


  7. I don’t know where my comment went when I hit post, but I’ll try again.
    Great roundup, with some stuff that I’d missed, and thank you for the inclusion of one of my rare (these days) edits!
    I’m looking forward to seeing Obsession and what Richard does with the role – I still find him very attractive even after all these years, so I’m interested in a “steamy” plot. 😉 I do wish he was sporting stubble a la Quart instead of a beard though.


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