Impromptu Charity Craft Sale #EarthquakeAid (Turkey/Syria)

After a couple of delays, we are now ready to launch our impromptu charity sale in aid of the victims of the February earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Even though five weeks have passed since the earthquake struck, donations are still needed to provide shelter, medical and psychological help to those who were affected. The proceeds of the charity sale will be donated to the Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay) and Syrian Arab Red Crescent through the Turkey-Syria earthquake appeal by the British Red Cross. Our donation will be used to reach people in urgent need in the aftermath of the earthquakes. It will provide support and aid that includes:

  • Distributing essentials like food water and blankets
  • Setting up temporary shelters to support thousands of survivors who are facing freezing conditions
  • Providing first aid and crisis support
  • Assisting with the rescue efforts and getting people vital medical aid
  • Providing psychosocial support to those who have been traumatised

For ease of transaction and quick turn-around, we are offering all items with fixed prices over on Etsy. You know the drill – you can purchase items there without being a registered member. Payment is possible by card or via Paypal. All items include free shipping. The items are clearly labelled as Charity Sale items – look for the #EarthquakeAid hashtag. There is also a dedicated shop section in my Etsy/Pattern store, also called #EarthquakeAid. (Note: All other items on my Etsy/Pattern store are not part of the charity sale!)

As always, remember there is no pressure or obligation for you to buy. We’d be delighted to sell all items, but if not, that‘s fine, too. However, if you can spare a little money, here is your chance to make a donation to a good cause, help people in urgent need of support and actually get a tangible item back for your generosity!

All available items are listed below together with a link. The listings are already live as you read this post. There is no time-limit on the sale as such but the listings will disappear from Etsy as soon as the items are sold out. Information on sizing, materials etc. is provided in the listings.

My thanks go to the donors who have made this charity sale possible: Kate, Esther and Nancy aka Sinnamin have made and provided fan items free of charge. Note: Items will be send directly by the donors. So if you buy multiple items, they may arrive in separate shipments!

The offering

Kate’s RAngels

Kate reprises her bestselling RAngels.

Click here for the listing.

Kate’s RA Tags

New RA Tags, also by Kate:

Click here for the listing.

RA Bookmarks by Esther

A magnetic bookmark with a picture of RA, made by Esther.

Click here for the listing.

Geneva Feltie by Sinnamin

A custom-stitched embroidery commemorating the release of RA’s Geneva

Click here for the listing.

Father Quart Plushie by Sinnamin

Plushie-queen Nancy has turned the hot priest into a plushie.

Click here for the listing.

RA Pocket Shrine “Easy Clover”

The most recent RAPS, made by yours truly.

Click here for the listing.

Reusable Notebooks Astrov/Thornton

Handmade notebooks with silhouettes of Astrov and Thornton.

4 different listings: Thornton Notebooks 1, Thornton Notebooks 2, Astrov Notebooks 1, Astrov Notebooks 2

Thank you for your support!


9 thoughts on “Impromptu Charity Craft Sale #EarthquakeAid (Turkey/Syria)

  1. Wow! I can’t believe there was anything left! I got everything I wanted. Thank you SO much to #OurMagnificentGuilty and #TheBestKate, and the other incredible crafters, for organizing this great fundraiser.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Congratulations to all the wonderful organisers and crafter involved in this fundraiser, it is a really worthwhile cause. (I missed the sale yesterday, hurrumph – and another chance to get one of Kate’s Guy angels, double hurrumph – but managed to snag a lovely Esther bookmark and have donated to the appeal.)

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