Last Call #EarthquakeAid

Good morning, everyone. I’d like to send a big thank you to all supporters of the charity sale. Despite the impromptu nature of it, the response was brilliant. All last night the orders kept coming in, and some of the items were sold out within an hour of listing the offers.

Thank you so much for your generous shopping!

Today I – and my co-crafters – will start packaging your oders to send them out to you. It looks as if our net profits will be in the region of €700+. (I don’t know the deduction for postage costs yet, hence the ballpark figure.) That is an amazing result.

In case there are some among you who might think that they came too late to the party, and everything is sold out: No, there are still 8 items left. Thanks to Esther providing multiples of the gorgeous magnetic bookmark, we still have 4 of them available HERE. There are also two each of the Astrov and Thornton notebooks. I’ll leave the listings up for today as I won’t be able to take packages to the post office until tomorrow, anyway.

Once again a big thank you to all buyers, as well as our crafty supporters, Esther, Kate and Nancy, without whose contributions this charity sale would not have been possible.

Going forward, all buyers will receive an automated notification once the shipments have been dispatched. If you have bought multiple items, please note that they may be shipped from different origins, hence will arrive separately and at different times. Myself, I will take shipments that are destined for the UK with me to London on Thursday – hoping that postage is less when sending domestic.

And now have a lovely Sunday, all! ❤️


2 thoughts on “Last Call #EarthquakeAid

  1. Absolutely fantastic result. Well done everyone. It will surely help bring relief to those in need and make a difference to their lives.
    (If you are anywhere near Piccadilly on Thursday, I might bump in to you!)


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