2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

It’s round-up time! I almost forgot because I had the pleasure of hosting one of our fan sisters for a night. The lovely Helen stopped over in Dublin on her way to a short break, and it has been great. Interestingly, we did not mention Richard even once! And I love that. Not because I don’t want to talk about RA but because it means that the fan-sistership has turned into friendship. Plus, Helen has left a heap of fan goodies for the next fundraiser with me… (Anyway, her visit also accounts for my lack of responding to further comments on my last post. I’ll be delving into that after I have compiled the round-up.)

It has also just occurred to me that I skipped last week’s round-up. As you know, I was in London attending the Coben book launch/convo. (Should I have posted about that? I might still do it, although there is little to report as Mr A made his exit straight after he had fulfilled his side of the contract 😁.) So, with two week’s material *and* the release of the Obsession trailer accumulated in the meantime, we might have a bumper issue today. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Linasofia’s Raymond de Merville fan fic Le Desir starts and has a very nice collage as a header
  2. Talking of bondage… Riepu10 presents us tied-up Guy in gifs
  3. Richardarmitagefanpage has compiled some of the emerging photos from the set of Fool Me Once
  4. A Thornton Thursday edit by janeaustenjunkie
  5. Film stills from Obsession compiled by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. Riepu10’s gifs of some (non-sex) scenes from the Obsession trailer
  7. A nice compilation of Richard’s theatre projects on the occasion of World Theatre Day by richardarmitagefanpage
  8. Fizzyxcustard’s Guy of Gisborn fan fic Anything is Possible goes to part 7
  9. Gif of William Farrell by enchantzz – dangerous… (but SFW!)
  10. Whoa, a gif set of a very intense scene with the Red Dragon. Posted by mistikfir
  11. Sweet! A little cottage core collage with Dr Astrov (and Marlowe) by sotwk
  12. Looks like RH is still attracting new fans… despite the plot, but for the characters. Posted by ummyesisthisjasongrace
  13. Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants quips seem extra-appropriate these days. Here’s one

Oh, oops. Erm. I somehow thought there was going to be more material concerning Obsession. Looks like tumblr is (also) having to come to terms with the new explicitness in Richard’s oeuvre 😉. But 13 is good enough for us here, right.

Anyway, I am going to go back to the previous post(s), responding to comments. Thank you for taking part in the discussion. I think it’s really interesting to hear your views. Yesterday’s Guardian article about Obsession has also brought new enlightenment on what we can expect from the forthcoming mini series. The journalist, Zoe Williams, has added some very interesting and accurate info on the original film adaptation, and scriptwriter Morgan Lloyd Malcolm sheds some light on what they are hoping to achieve with their portrayal of sex(uality) in the show. Some of Richard’s comments in the article have taken me aback, however. But that is another issue. Suffice to say that Obsession will definitely not shy away from sex, making it seem as if the non-explicit scenes are going to be far more gratuitous than the intimate scenes… interesting…

For now, have a great weekend!

Sonja ❤️

15 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

  1. Lots of different new things to choose from. Thank you.
    Sonja, it would be interesting to hear about your trip to London, if you want to talk about it. The conversation was very interesting and the location was beautiful. And I’m sure you have a lot of beautiful photos.
    And what do you think about the Harrogate Festival with the Authoren Dinner? Does anyone go there, or has anyone been there before. Is it interesting, realistic to get a ticket to this festival and is it worth going there, etc.?
    Have a nice weekend and a beautiful spring April.


  2. Reading Richard’s comments in The Guardian does feel a bit voyeuristic. I probably don’t need to know that he has all-consuming orgasms. It’s like now that he’s started speaking more openly about his sexuality, he’s forgotten that there are some generally acceptable limits.


    • Ha, I hadn’t even seen it like that, but true. I was more miffed about his “pity” for those who can’t or choose not to have all-consuming orgasms. It just reeked of condescension.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was a weird thing to say, bring up in an interview. He is sort of bragging (or preaching) about the quality of his orgasms! Sometimes I really have to wonder at the stuff Richard comes out with to journalists… did he say that?!
      Well I guess we now know that he comes like the clackers! 😅

      Liked by 1 person

      • 😂 I had to look up that turn of phrase, Zigzag. I only found “to go like the clappers” – meaning “very fast, vigorously”. *coughs* yeah, TMI…


  3. My guess is that Richard left the book event as soon as it was done was because it’s Harlan’s event for Harlan’s book. I’m guessing he felt that the audience should be trying to talk to Harlan afterward instead of him.


  4. Wonderful round-up Guylty, thanks (and to the Tumblr posters), you harvested a great crop of pics old and new (I like the look of Joe in Fool Me Once, touches of Daniel Miller).
    I enjoyed the Guardian article and it was refreshing to hear Richard being upfront about his sexuality (although I agree ‘pity’ is an odd choice of word). Another is describing Richard as ‘submissive’ . I was watching him (naturally) during the Coben Q&A as he insistently drove his points home after being interrupted and noted his quiet commanding presence.


    • Oh, you are right, Joe’s look is reminiscent of Daniel Miller. Not a bad look, if you ask me 😉
      You know, I can well imagine that RA *might* be submissive, no matter how insistent he may be in conversations or how decisive he is in decisions. However, somehow that is a case of TMI. Neither the audience of the show, nor we as fans need to know that. If not readily disclosed by himself, it is something that ought to be kept private. It’s a bit of a boo-boo by the writer to label him thus.

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