RA on ITV This Morning Today

Richard was on ITV’s morning show “This Morning” today. He actually tweeted about it, including a fun picture from the set of Obsession. (Trust Richard to lighten the mood by turning the bondage prop into a head dress 😂. Also: note Charlie’s knees. Those intimate scenes were hard work, I’d say, and I don’t mean that as a joke!)

Anyway, I was worried that we might not get to see this short appearance on television due to licensing (i.e. not broadcast/streamed outside of the UK), but ITV has actually put the segment with Richard and Charlie Murphy on YouTube already.

There isn’t really anything new in this (except for Richard saying right at the end that he is writing a second book), but it was nice to see the two actors on the couch. I loved hearing Charlie Murphy’s Irish accent. (Am I imagining it or is she speaking with an English accent in Obsession?) She came across really nice. (Gorgeous brown eyes, by the way 👁️👁️.) Both of them very eloquent about their roles.

It looks as if the press has already seen the show then (judging by Alison Hammond’s reactions). So who’s going to the screening in the BFI tonight? Can’t wait for your reactions. Hope you’ll have lots of fun there!

41 thoughts on “RA on ITV This Morning Today

  1. Yes, Alison said earlier in tbe show that she had watched it all. Three episodes yesterday and she got up at 5am this morning to watch the final ep!


  2. Thank you so much, Sonja! ❤️ Loved the interview. They look wonderful together.
    Considering what’s going on in the part of the world, where I live, consented sex with you know what, even so dramatic, is way better than killing people, than hate and violence that prevail here. I’m so desperately tired of it. Sorry, it was a heart cry. 💔

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    • It struck me, too, that they seemed in tune and very comfortable together. The photos from the set also created that impression. It’s nice to know that they not only had a safe environment around them, but that they connected on a personal level.
      You make such a valid point re. sex vs ever-present violence. Make love, not war…

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  3. Richard’s knees also indicate that he must have worked that day hard for that scene on the floor seen in the trailer. I have the impression that Charlie was a little nervous at the beginning of this interview (as she sits more towards RA than to the interviewers and clenches her hands). Yes, she has beautiful brown eyes indeed. Anyway, even Richard at the beginning seems to me to try not to get annoyed at some point. Fortunately, after that, the conversation got off to a really good continuation.
    I have to admit I have no problem with seeing good choreographed extensive, explicit, non-violent scenes justified in content of the movie. For me scenes of violence seem much more difficult and unpleasant to watch (such as the ones with the tortured Lucas North for example).
    You wrote before that there will be a birthday celebration in Guylty’s casa, so enjoy the celebrations.
    Btw has anyone noticed this beautiful decoration in the form of a green Easter bunny😊


    • I had to take a closer look, but yes, he also had a grazed knee. Full body use!
      I didn’t really notice that Charlie was nervous or that RA seemed to get annoyed – but I have only watched the clip once. Hehe, time to watch it again 😉
      I completely agree with you re. scenes of violence vs. sex scenes. The older I get, the less I can deal with violence on film.
      The birthday celebrations will be cut short a bit, unfortunately. I just took Mr G to the hospital. We had been waiting for months for them to do some sort of treatment that will hopefully get his heart rhythmn back into sync, and without any advance notice, they rang today and asked him to come in straight away. It’s supposedly a fairly routine thing, but I am nonetheless a bit nervous. Especially because it was literally sprung on me…


      • Oh, je. Big hugs. So all of a sudden it’s even more stressful. The only good thing is that the waiting time is saved after all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the treatment will be effective and will bring Mr Guylty’s pulse back into sync. The doctors will certainly explain to you what they want to do. It could probably be electrical cardioversion (as less invasive) or ablation, but maybe something else. I only heard more about ablation as alternative to meds for my supraventricular tachycardia, but meds mostly still works for me. So I’m not very helpful to reassure you a bit. The more I keep my fingers crossed and pray that Mr Guylty comes home soon feeling better with a stabilized heart rhythm. A lot of strength for you both. Big hugs, again.


        • Oh, I didn’t realise you are on heart medication, too, Graza.
          Update from here: After 2 days of waiting (although some smaller tests were done), Mr G finally got the procedure done today. From how he described it to me, it sounds as if it was electrical cardioversion. He apparently was out only for 5 minutes, so it was not very invasive. He hasn’t yet spoken to the doctors, and also they kept him in for the night, but hopefully he’ll be out tomorrow. The docs were also quite pleased with how he had responded to the heart meds… at least some good news 😉


  4. That comfortable comaraderie they exuded during today’s interview was gratifying to see, but it works both ways. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but might it now be harder for me to buy into the series’ premise that theirs is an unhealthy, obsessive relationship? Will their performances next Thursday be convincing enough to make me discount what I saw today?


    • Ah, I’m sure that’ll be fine. I mean, I know where you are coming from. Sometimes it is hard to divorce “the actor” from “the character”. But if the material is compelling enough, we’ll be drawn in and forget that the two people performing intensely intimate scenes were goofing around on set 😉

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  5. Carpet burns, nasty! RA and Charlie did seem comfortable and at ease together. Do you remember in a previous interview when Alison Hammond laughed about RA’s ‘large sword’! I wonder if she thought of that watching Obsession!. I contracted covid so couldn’t go to the BFI screening, gnash, gnash, but I’m looking forward to binging next week.


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