2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

Happy Easter, you all! I hope you have an eggcellent day today. I have already had my first taste of chocolate after 6 weeks without. Actually surprisingly underwhelming. Let’s see how long this chocophobia lasts… Let’s see whether we find some Easter eggs on Tumblr, shall we?

  1. Did I link to fizzyxcustard’s new Thornton fan fic last week? This is part 2
  2. Frankydwestfall has put the BTS selfies of RA and Charlie Murphy in a set. Looks like they really had fun…
  3. In lieu of posting the latest official pics separately, here is one taken at RA and CM’s visit to This Morning. I can’t say that I am fully convinced that the stylist has RA’s best interest at heart… those trousers????
  4. Thank you to riepu10 for reposting this gem from BTS of Obsession. Pajamas and labradors are perfect props, I’d say
  5. Legolasbadass’s fan fic Office Hours goes to ch. 23
  6. That first picture in this set is not just *ooof*, it’s also UNF! Posted by riepu10
  7. Richardarmitagefanpage reposted the pictures taken by @irene_slytherclaw at the BFI screening. There are two more posts of close-up shots
  8. Part 2 of linasofia’s Raymond fan fic Le Desir
  9. Fantastic fan service by riepu10: gifs of RA on This Morning
  10. And whoa, total throwback to prehistory: riepu10’s gifs of RA as Claude Monet
  11. Not quite the scene from Hannibal that RA has been referring recently, but here is some Dolarhyde, preparing to film. Gifs by morgotts
  12. Guy surprisingly on the ball… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

Better stop here before we get to the unlucky 13… I had expected more stuff, but if truth be told, I find Tumblr very quiet these days. It is always the same handful of people who post for our delectation. But maybe it is also the quiet before the storm. Not long to go until Obsession, and I expect a tornado to break loose! The show is going to kick off a wave of new interest in Richard, I am sure, and I look forward to seeing new voices pop up in our fandom. It’ll be great fun to (re-)discover Richard’s oeuvre alongside them, and hopefully lots more creativity will also be unleashed.

As for now, I am waiting for a phonecall from Mr G, whose procedure went well yesterday and who will hopefully be released today, in time for a family Easter gathering in the family home on the cliff.

Wishing you all a happy Easter – or a happy Sunday, in any case.

Sonja ❤️


28 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #7

    • Thank you, Deirdre, and back to you. I just missed the Easter fly-by (which usually flies straight above my house) because I was in the car picking up Mr G. Actually, getting Mr G back is worth missing the militaristic display 😉


  1. Those pants are an affront. I’m sorry.
    Ah, some Claude Monet. My lovely.

    Have a great Easter weekend. I’m glad to hear Mr. G. will be sprung from hospital soon.

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  2. Happy Easter to you and your family, Sonja. I hope Mr. G is strong and healthy. Here in Cyprus we are going to celebrate Easter next Sunday.


  3. The best Easter blessing, to have Mr G home and procedure a success! 🌷
    Those “pants” in #3 look more like pjs than the pjs in #4. Ugh! 😖
    I’d make the #6 Ooof! image my phone wallpaper, but it won’t fit! Only time too much RA leg is *not* a good thing. 😂
    Also, today’s interview with Michael Ball yielded this clarification vis-a-vis the recent Daily Mail article: Rich is in “early talks” to adapt Geneva for the screen. Process can take 2-3 years. So, *not* “going into production” anytime soon. 😢


  4. Happy Easter! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and best wishes to both of you! I’ve not had chocolate at all, but I really fancied some hot cross buns with cardamom and spread with salted butter 😋 so there’s that 😉

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  5. Hope you had a nice Easter, with Mr G back. Yes those pants are terrible. Do you think he still has a stylist? Or do you think this was all his bad idea?


  6. #3 awful trousers! I didn’t always like how Ilaria Urbinati dressed RA but at least the pants she chose for him generally fitted beautifully.
    #4 love it!
    I hope you had a lovely Easter and glad to hear Mr G’s procedure was a success.


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