2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

Welcome to a long weekend, everyone. Do you all have a public holiday on Monday? We have nothing planned for May Day, and I suspect I will have to work, anyway, but nonetheless it always feels nice when a long weekend starts.

During the week, a couple of RA-related things popped up, alas I was too lazy and distracted to blog when they happened. First, there was a picture from the set of Fool Me Once.

Photo: Vishal Sharma/Netflix

Since I read the book, I know where and what that scene from the set is. I won’t put any spoilers in, though. Anyone else yet read the book?

Secondly, RA came online – on TikTok 😬 – for a little competition to win a proof copy of Geneva as well as a copy of Damage by Josephine Hart. The clip will pop up in the Tumblr links below, but in case you’d like to enter the competition, here is the IG post where you have to comment, follow and like in order to be in the hat for the draw. Competition open until May 5th! 🤞

But now – let’s look at Tumblr!

  1. Comprehensive gif set of aforementioned TikTok, made by riepu10
  2. Fantastic Rembrandt lighting on these Guy gifs by riepu10
  3. Staying with dear Sir Guy, here is part 5 of fizzyxcustard’s fan fic Anything is possible
  4. Linasofia’s Raybo fic Le Désir goes to part 3
  5. A lot of fans were delighted to see RA acknowledged with an article about his turn as Mr Thornton. Posted here by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. I actually still haven’t seen Space Sweepers. It’s quite possible that is due to the beard… Here are some Sullivan gifs by riepu10
  7. A Thilbo fanart (which accompanies a story, I think) by mysandwichranaway
  8. *giggles* You can fling yourself into my general direction anytime, Guy… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  9. There is a big outpouring of Thorin love on Tumblr called “Thorin Spring Forge”. Lots of fan art to be found under the #tsf23 tag. Here I am linking to a dreamboaty drawing of modern!Thorin, also by mysandwichranaway. But you will also find lots of fics – by names we all know from many other RA fan fics – in the tag
  10. Including this link to a picture of a recent Pink News article about RA coming out – because of the number of notes on the post by dilf-dr-wells. 12346 reactions, including hundreds of notes. I am just surprised that this is being picked up *now*. Ignoring RA’s first hints (2020), the initial Radio Times piece where RA mentions his coming out and male partner, was published 2-3 weeks ago. Funny that it has taken so long to be picked up by other media…
  11. For those who have not watched Obsession but want to see the meat *coughs* Strategically placed Oakenshield hand on this possibly (?) NSFW picture of William from Obsession. Posted by the aptly named hunksover40
  12. More Father Quart in a bedroom but no shenanigans giffed by riepu10
  13. Pictures of RA bts of Obsession, posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  14. Nice little set of pics and gifs of RA/chaRActers by inkwolvesandcoffee

There we are. Lots of RA content.

Have a nice long weekend,

Sonja ❤️

12 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #10

  1. Lovely Guy stuff. Paula is and remains the gif queen.

    I’m laughing at the fight in the comments below the P!NK news article. “I wonder how old his partner is. His last relationship was with a woman 17 years his junior.” Oh, my sweet summer child. You really don’t get it, so you? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Paula is definitely part of the core of the tumblr round-ups. So glad she is still making gifs for us all to enjoy.
      And ugh – that Samantha Colley chestnut. A lie right from the beginning, and given (dubious) credibility because some unreliable publication published it without fact-checking.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We have a public holiday until Wednesday. But I’m also very busy. Fortunately, spring is so beautiful, and flowers and trees bloom so beautifully here. Have a nice long weekend, Sonja.


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