2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Good morning! I better get the round-up in now as I won’t have much time later. Master Guylty is currently on a short visit home, which is lovely, of course. Later today, one of my friends will arrive. A few years ago we started a new tradition of going on little breaks when she is in Ireland. I am the driver and she is the organiser. So next week we will be heading down to West Cork for five nights. It’s a welcome little break for me. We explored West Cork on our last trip together, but liked it so much that we are going down there again. I probably won’t be posting a round-up next week, therefore I want to get one in today…

  1. Richardarmitagefanpage posted new photos of William from Obsession. Are these of scenes that were not in the series? Some look somewhat new to me?
  2. A scene from Man from Rome giffed by frrutherford
  3. Icymi, a picture with RA in the snow in Utah recently posted on Twitter. Reposted by riepu10
  4. Ooh, very intense close ups of Father Quart. Gif set by frrutherford
  5. Middleearthpixie’s Thorin fic After the Fire goes to chapter 50!
  6. And here is fizzyxcustard’s Lucas North fic Covert Eyes, chapter 19
  7. “Smiling Richard on TikTok”. A pretty gif by riepu10. Just ignore the artwork in the background, LoLo 😂
  8. I really liked this gif that puts a mist effect on a still of Thorin. Made by oreliel-from-valinor
  9. Right or wrong? I bet Guy is confused… Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants

Right, off I go, getting the guestroom ready.

Enjoy the weekend!

Sonja ❤️


9 thoughts on “2023 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

  1. Thanks for the round-up Guylty, So many new pics from Obsession, much as Richard’s close-ups are riveting, I particularly like the unusual shots of him seen through glass or in doorways. Have a wonderful trip!


  2. #3. I have no idea who those other two people are who are all busy being Instagramable or whatever, but look at him. How does anyone even dream of competing? He’s soooooo gracefully gorgeous. Without trying at all. Sigh.


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