I shoot people. Then I take them into dark rooms and blow them up. No, seriously. I am a photographer. And I talk about photography. A lot.

Initially this blog was only started because I needed a WordPress login in order to write regular guest-posts on me+richard. After a year and a half of using me+r as a platform, I moved over to my own blog home and now post my series of photographic analyses called *ooof* here on my own site. If you would like to read my previous *ooof*s, please go to me + richard where you can find my posts under the *ooof* tag.

Apart from the lens-based criticism and fiction inspiration, I also create little fandom objects called “RAPS” (Richard Armitage Pocket Shrine). Click “Guylty Shrines” in the top menu to see them all. Commissions accepted. My ficlets which accompany some of the photo analyses, can be found under “Guylty *ooof*lets” in the top menu, as well.

Find out more about me in a little interview here.

Questions, requests, comments are always welcome.


11 thoughts on “About/Contact

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  2. Dear Sonja,
    I’m so sorry to trouble you but do you happen to to have the Email address for Ali Clark (formerly of RANet) I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday for today – still the 9th here – and for some reason cannot find her address. I have her home address (if she still lives at the same one) but was too late in thinking of mailing her a card. I know it’s already the 10th in the UK but i’d still like to let her know she is not forgotten.
    If you could email it to me I at least I could send her belated greetings.
    I trust you and yours are staying safe and well.
    Hugs, and best regards.


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