RA Challenge ♡ 2017

Fandom challenges are nothing new. I remember doing one in my early fandom days in 2012. For this new challenge I have looked for new questions to answer – although some old favourites remain. After all, RA’s oeuvre is constantly growing, so new chaRActers come to the challenge, as do new pairings, and storylines, costumes and what-have-you. So there is scope to reassess how likes and dislikes have changed.

My adjusted RA-specific challenge is based on a non-specific fandom challenge I found at heckyeahtumblrchallengesPlease feel free to take up this challenge any time, even though I (and others) have already finished it. If you do – leave me a comment to let me know.

Here are all my answers in a handy link compilation.

#1 First Encounter With RA (i.e. how you discovered him, first episode/film/play ♡ you watched, etc…)

#2 The Moment That Made You Fall In Love With RA

#3 Favourite Piece Of Fan Art

#4 Something You Did Because Of RA

#5 Favourite/Least Favourite Romance

#6 Least Favourite Character

#7 Something You Bought Because Of RA

#8 Favourite/Least Favourite Rivalry

#9 Funniest Moment You’ve Seen RA In

#10 Saddest Moment You’ve Seen RA In

#11 Something You Wish Hadn’t Happened In Context With RA

#12 Something You Wish Would Happen

#13 A Song That Reminds You Of RA

#14 Favourite Villain

#15 A Character Everybody Else Loves That You Hate

#16 A Character Everybody Else Hates That You Love

#17 The Character You Love To Hate

#18 The Top Three Things on Your To-Do List if You Suddenly Found Yourself face to face with RA

#19 A “Ship” In The Fandom You Can’t Stand (canon or non-canon; of characters or RP)

#20 The Best Fanfic You’ve Ever Read involving RA or characters (include links if possible)

#21 On A Scale From Secret Admirer To Panty-Sniffer, How Obsessed Are You with RA?

♡ #22 The Character You’d Want As A Drinking Buddy

#23 The Character You’d Want As A Fuck Buddy

#24 The Character You Find Most Relatable

#25 Favourite Object/Prop In Context With A Character

#26 Favourite Costume Worn By RA

#27 Favourite Quote By A Character Or RA

#28 Favourite Climax (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc…)

#29 A Moment That Made You Question Whether You Would Continue Fangirling For RA

#30 Will Anything Ever Replace RA In Your Admiration?

# 31 What Would You Like To Say To RA Right Now?