Day 3 of Armitage Week: RAPS 128/? – Unexpected

Whoa. I didn’t see that one coming! I am probably as surprised as Bilbo Baggins upon opening the door in Bag End to that gorgeous stranger. So here I am, whining and whingeing about lost fangirl mojo, niggling about lack of material and general frustration, and BOOM! the A bomb drops. A as in Armitage. First we get a couple of stills from Brain on Fire, and then Berlin Station hits us with the next trailer, including a nice little interview with RA. If I didn’t believe in coincidence, I’d think it was spooky… 

And spooky it is, the Berlin Station trailer. Lots of spook action – of Armitage turning his pretty head around, checking whether he is being observed (did that scene also remind you of Francis Dolarhyde, btw?); rushing around corners and cycling on busy roads with coattails flying; meetings under cover of darkness with dubious characters. And then Michelle Forbes conversationally informs us that there is plenty of “sexual intrigue” in   Berlin Station. *chokes* I am already reaching for the defibrillator here, people! Whatever the show will be like – we can already say that they are certainly pushing *all* the right buttons in their PR efforts… 

Brain on Fire is doing well on that front, too, although it is probably incidental to RA’s role in the film. Two stills from the film with Armitage in tender, caring Daddy pose. Combined with the nice bit of “wrist porn” (trademarked! I think I have a new kink after armpits and bare ankles…), I generously overlooked the beard and spontanely ovulated. Kidding aside – I am looking forward to seeing Armitage act a character who is presumably predominantly a father. And of a grown-up daughter. While that – quite predictably – appeals to me, it is also something slightly new for Armitage. Previous roles with sons/daughters (John Porter, Paul Andrews) never focussed all that much on the character as a family man. I’d like to see how he embodies this role, which is also different from the role of Chop who was a father figure without the emotional bonding that a father-son/daughter relationship includes.

In any case, it is safe to say that my whole “Back to the fangirl roots”-exercise has just received a massive boost. Thank you, universe, I knew I could count on you! ❤

On to the post of the day. I had actually planned this shrine post for my busiest work-day, Thursday, but due to unforeseen circumstances aka wasting too much time with endless repeats of the Berlin Station trailer, I have not been able to prepare a proper text post for today. So instead, I bring you another RAPS post – assuming that it has already arrived at its destination…

IMG_6636 (1) sm

Not much of a clue on the outside of this shrine. This tin was sent to me by long-time fellow fan UtePirat. It actually contained a mini office kit, complete with stapler, sticky tape, scissors and paper clips. But since it was quite cute as is, I didn’t stick anything else on the outside. On the inside awaits…

IMG_6627 (1) sm

… Ute’s favourite king – who shoots straight to the heart.

IMG_6626 (1) sm

The big red heart is a magnet and covers the “I ❤ RA”.

Here’s a closer look at the bottom part:

IMG_6628 (1) sm

But wait, is that all? It’s rather a bit un-frilly for a RAPS. Upon second glance, the shrine reveals another layer! What appears here as the top part of the shrine, is actually a “tray” that can be removed from the tin:

IMG_6629 (1) smAnd now the fun really starts. What we see here is a reconstruction of the moment when Ute first set eyes on her future movie boyfriend. The famous Bag End door scene.

IMG_6631 (1) sm

There. Ute can replay the scene over and over again.

And since I didn’t want to leave the last remaining surface unused, I added my favourite picture of Thorin. Straight to the ovary-burst sorry not sorry.

IMG_6635 (1) sm

So, a RAPS that reveals itself in stages. I hope Ute has lots of fun with it. I actually sent this off more than two weeks ago and haven’t heard back from her. Do we need to start worrying? Death by Armitage? Note to self: RAPS Inc. must renew its non-liability insurance.

Happy Richarding people, and always expect the unexpected 😉

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50 thoughts on “Day 3 of Armitage Week: RAPS 128/? – Unexpected

    • So glad you like it, Aquilea – after all you are Thorin’s girl, too. That first appearance of Thorin was just awesome. What an entrance! Straight to the heart – even without a bow and arrow… 🏹


      • Hehe, being called “Thorin’s girl” is great XD And it was an awesome first appearance – although I must admit that I really fell for Richard and Thorin as a character with his audition in the Appendices … or maybe it was just the moment I realized that I’ve fallen for him XD


    • Hehe, I hope she is in heaven only figuratively. Still haven’t heard back from her – eeek, I hope this shrine actually arrived at all!!! Anyway, the box with its insert was a great challenge. More ooomph than a usual RAPS.


    • If I remember correctly, Ute had stipulated Thorin as her RAPS subject. But it worked particularly well here, what with the little Bag End door and all the extra surfaces for the many images we have of Thorin…


    • Oh, he so has… With the latest animated promo hitting me last night, I am so back on track… It is really funny how the universe sends help just as you feel ready to give up.


  1. I agree. My RA love tank has been refilled! Thank heavens. If all the new stuff hadn’t done the trick, your latest raps would have. I never would have thought Thorin would look so good with pink polka dots. Brilliant. He is regally handsome, and in layers too! Green door reveal is also a famous oof moment you captured perfectly. Ute is a lucky woman. Have to ask, did you hide the disco ball?


    • Oh goodness, of course. How could I forget Gary? I guess it is because I only ever saw that film once, and somehow the characters were all rather one-dimensional and the family dynamics didn’t register with me. Which is exactly why your Gary Fuller fic is so nice to have. I look forward to your next instalment!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lots of fun in this shrine this time, thanks to the various layers. I actually have another one of those tins, thanks to Ute, so another chaRActer will get the double-whammy shrine treatment…


  2. Großes Kompliment, der ist dir rundum gelungen! Mein Tolkien-Herz schlägt beim Anblick der liebevoll eingefügten Karte gleich höher (Karten sind immer gaaanz wichtig!) und du hast wirklich DIE Thorin-Bilder ausgesucht – unwiderstehlich…
    Zum ersten Mal denke ich: “Den hätte ich auch gerne!” (Du weiß ja, bisher hat mich dieser Gedanke noch überfordert… “grins”)
    Die nächste Stufe des Fangirldaseins ist erreicht 😉 und das alles dank deiner neu entfachten Begeisterung. Danke, Universum!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Die Karte ist wirklich cool – die kam aus einem Hobbit-Taschenkalender, den ich nach Ablauf des Jahres gnadenlos ausgeweidet habe 😉 Dank der epischen Hobbit-Auswalzung haben wir von Thorin ja auch wirklich tolle Bilder – das letzte Bild von ihm nenne ich ja insgeheim immer “Sex Dwarf”. Da guckt Thorin so suggestiv…
      Hehe, so langsam kriege ich dich also weich? Pass mal auf – jetzt kommt der konzertierte Angriff auf die bisher noch resistenten Fangirl-Seelen, dank Berlin Station Super Promo. Das war ja wohl jetzt die letzten Tage der Hammer. Ich bin noch immer ganz fassungslos angesichts des letzten Gifs/Videos…

      Liked by 2 people

      • “Der Hammer” – ganz genau!
        Ich hab sowas live ja noch nie miterlebt (grün hinter den Ohren wie ich bin – “erstauntguck”) und muss sagen, dass es mir richtig Laune macht. Die bei den Mädels verursachte Begeisterung ist dabei noch fast das Schönste. Über Mangel an Material kannst du dich jedenfalls nicht beklagen. Es gibt genug zu bestaunen und das leidige Twitter-Gedöns lässt sich leichter ignorieren. 😉
        Frohes Schaffen!


    • Das musste unbedingt mal umgesetzt werden, diese Türszene… Man stelle sich mal vor, dass Thorin vor der eigenen Haustür stehe. Und nach dem Hereintreten dann den Blick vom letzten Bild aufsetzt. *dead*

      Liked by 2 people

  3. You’ve outdone yourself this time around! Congratulations to Ute. May she be able to glean hours of enjoyment from your gift. 🙂


  4. Ja, der ist dir extremst gut gelungen. Ich verbeuge mich vor der Idee mit der Bullaugentür 😊
    Und die 2 Ebenen des Doktorköfferchens sind bestens ausgenutzt. Wirklich hübsch.
    Aber über deine spontane Ovulationsfähigkeit bin ich immer noch nicht weg…. 😂 Der frauliche Körper ist doch zu absoluten Höchstleistungen fähig….wenn’s sein muss…..


    • Ein Armitage ersetzt die Hormontherapie, sozusagen. Ich mein, viel ist ja nicht mehr los mit den Ovarien hier, aber wenn Armitage seinen Suggestivblick a la Thorin aufsetzt oder mit seinen schlanken Handgelenken winkt, dann bin ich sofort empfängnisbereit. Umpf.


  5. This is fantastic!! Love the whole thing! And your comments about Berlin Station had me giggling like a schoolgirl (please ignore the grey hair!!) and the bit about the defibrillator nearly made me fall off my chair! You are a tonic and just what I needed today when I felt a little under the weather! Thanks Guylty! 😉


  6. Pretty as a picture and i really like the cute closure to the tin too. The look into my eyes – pic is always a winner, don’t think we have another one of his quite like this 🙂 Love it! lucky owner 🙂


    • I had no idea this RAPS would receive such an enthusiastic response. When I wrote up the post, I was actually slightly underwhelmed and thought it was not frilly enough…


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  8. I’ve just found this (must have missed the notification – have you posted it on Tumblr yet?) Wow! lucky Utepirate! Love the layers. Happy to hear you have your fangirl mojo back. 🙂


    • It should really have appeared automatically on tumblr?! (Must check settings) But yes, the BS promo stuff really brought the mojo back, and then the daddy pics from BoF. It’s just so exciting when new stuff comes out…


  9. Ute has truly gotten a gem – enjoy it! From outside to inside its many layers, this RAPS is sheer perfection. You outdid yourself, Guylty! Your attention to detail is top notch.


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