Guylty Shrines

RA Pocket Shrines – or RAPS, as I call them – are a fandom love project that has blossomed from its original conception as a RA Valentine gift in February 2014. Far from mocking any real, religious experience, the RAPS are meant as a keepsake and handy mood-booster for instant uplift whenever and wherever a RA fan might need such. They are designed to be carried in a handbag or even a pocket, something to hold on to when things are going bad, or something to steal a look at when a bit of drool cheer is wanted.

All shrines are one-of-a-kind objects, there are no two identical ones. If they are not made with a particular recipient in mind, I usually raffle them off on my blog or on Tumblr and Twitter. A number of them were auctioned for charity, too. (I do not hold on to them myself; I do not own a RAPS, they are all intended for other fans.) Since a moderate demand for the shrines developed, I also take commissions – as creative exchanges, in exchange of a pressie from the commissioner, or as a monetary exchange. In that case, you can stipulate character, size of tin, colour schemes, theme, favourite photographs – or leave it all up to me. For particulars, you can get in touch with me via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Read more about this project below the gallery…

From the start, recycling and repurposing has been a strong part of the project, using mainly upcycled objects – as well as iconic images – or bits and bobs that the generous and kind supporters of my project have sent me. Mint and cigarette tins, compacts and any other lidded containers are the basis of the shrines that are then filled and decorated with images of chaRActers. They usually contain a slot for a little candle and always come with the trademark disco ball for the added bit of irony. Because that’s what this project is about – spreading some fun and cheer, and making light of our shared admiration for the work and talent of the man who has inspired the RAPS.

The individual shrines are usually a stand-alone piece of fan art, each containing one little scenario that represents a chaRActer. But I have also experimented with creating a multi-shrine body of work to represent a whole story-arc, and the Red Dragon series of shrines created for RA’s stint as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal is the first attempt at such. Each shrine consists of images from one episode of Hannibal only and refers back to particularly evcative scenes from the respective episode. Together, they are a collection of Dolarhyde’s stand-out moments from episode 3×08 through 3×13. You can see them in the slide-show below:

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On a personal level, this project has not only become a creative outlet for myself and injected a new, fun approach to my own photography, but has been a starting point for (more) personal communication between myself and other fans. It is this interaction that is most precious to me (even though I have loved every single gift I have received in the course of this project so far), and that is gratifying to an addictive degree. Thank you to all of you who are continuing to give me so much pleasure! Little did I know that the pleasure of my blog title would become so tangible. I am Guylty. But not guilty ❤

Here is a thank you project I created on the basis of a poem:

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For more images of the individual shrines presented in this continually added-to gallery (top), you can look through the Pocket Shrine category here. Feel free to leave me feedback or to get in touch via the individual comments underneath each individual RAPS image. (Click on the pictures to see a massive version of them.)

PS: If you would like a shrine of your own, please get in touch with me (contact form below). I am sure we can suss out a deal.

Get in touch here:


52 thoughts on “Guylty Shrines

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  2. 😀 I think it’s only fitting that they have their own page! Wow, they look really splendid (and impressive) all together. And all so different. You’re a genius, Guylty 😀 And I think you really have created a whole new… What to call it? Genre? Class? Category? of fangirl apparatus / accessory / service… 😉


    • LOL – Fangirl… eh… well-wisher accessories. I think that has to be the byline for the RAPS Inc. company brochure.
      The WP gallery looks quite nice with those different size thumbnails. Can’t wait to add to it. But I’ll give you all a bit of a breather. Don’t want to oversaturate the market 😀


  3. I love this! It is amazing to see them all on one page. You put so much thought and creativity into each and every one. I have my favorites of course (lucky for me one of them is mine!) My favorite part of the fandom is the positive, kind feelings between fans. Guylty, I think you exemplify all that is best!


    • Aw, bless 😉 Thanks Tree. But really it is a project of extreme and callous selfishness. I am projecting a load of loveliness because I just cannot be bothered to be nasty. That takes far too much intelligence, coordination and effort. It’s easier to be nice – and to get treated nicely in return. There, Egocentri City 😀


      • LOL! So true, too – I’ve never understood what people get out of being nasty other than nastiness back… Have they never discovered that if you are nice to people you can get them to do amazing things for you? (Cue manic laughter) 😉


  4. These are lovely, and I agree — it’s perfect that they have their own page!! I love being able to ooh and aah over them. :}

    …did you send me your address for the Bollywood goody shipment? I didn’t see it. If you did, I’ll go look again. I get a lot of email. This is not because I’m popular, but because I’m a dork. :p lol Thank you!!


  5. Moin, habe ich das richtig umrissen: fertigst du auch auf Wunsch und Anfrage? Oder nur für dein persönliches Seelenheil? Wenn nicht, wie überzeuge ich dich davon, dass so ein Schrein (schrein Schreine eigentlich ?) dringend ins Rhein-Main-Gebiet kommen muss 😀
    Und über den Preis werden wir und sicher einig (“es soll dein Schaden nicht sein ” zwinker,zwinker). Lass doch gelegentlich (geil: die Worterkennung hat gerade “Gelenkentzündung” vorgeschlagen , prust) mal hören. Danke. C


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  7. They are all wonderful. My personal favorites include Harry Kennedy’s cottage, Richard reclining on a bed of roses and Mr. Thornton’s train ride.


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  9. I think all your RAPS are absolutely SPIFFING and very erotic (tee hee ). I love the King Under the Mountain ones are best – all that MAJESTY (TM) contained within such a tiny, aforesaid EROTIC space. I would love to own one of your RAPS but it would have to be terribly discrete so as not to offend my long suffering husband who has put up with me spending hundreds on Crucible recently! (Maybe he is the one who should receive a shrine but his would be to Linda Carter as Wonder woman.)

    I love craft and photography too and have many beads but am unsure of what I have to exchange.

    Maybe you would like to read my Thorin story ‘Elf and Dwarf’ at archive of our own. A Thorin lust fest.

    Yours in RA sisterhood


    I understand completely your embarrassment at queuing for the Armitage presence but I too swallowed my pride and have a signed tin of Salem cookies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Lemonjapp – love love love your comment :-). Not only for the nice compliments, but also for pointing me to a lust fest of Thorin (must check out later, read: on iPhone in bed *ggg*) and for your sharing my embarrassment at the stage door experience. And what do I hear – you made him sign a cookie tin????? What a brilliant idea (and I thought I was highly original by planning to ask him to sign a mint tin…). I’d love to hear more from you – also in case you would like to cook up a deal re. shrine. If you like, send me an e-mail to guylty(at)photographer(dot)net.


  10. Hi!
    I got my heart tin signed!
    RA: What’s this? (mystified)
    Lemonjapp: It’s a tin (pityingly)
    RA: And you want me to sign this?
    Lemonjapp: …yeeeeeees (as to slow child)
    RA initials tin,tongue out in concentration.
    I am now going to attempt my own tin but not with any intention of usurping your IDEA(tm).
    I remember my Blue Peter makes. Still scrubbing glue off the table.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there – well done :-D. You had more courage than I did. I never pulled my tin out to have him sign it :-D.
      I have your other heart-shaped tin on my desk, for making a RAPS. It’ll be a different sort of thing because it doesn’t have hinges. We’ll see how it turns out :-D. I look forward to seeing your variation on the theme, though.
      Oh, and BTW – did you ever look at the photo that cute waiter took at the diner? Did it turn out?


    • Hi Lemonjapp! Where/when did this happen? It’s such an adoRAble little story! I especially like the “tongue out” bit!!!


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