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Today is one of those days where I am fiddling around with what I call “replacement activities” – because I am procrastinating over the job I really need to do. I need to write an article about skiwear for my job… And so I have started off this morning with updating the shrine gallery on this blog. Six RAPS have been created since I last updated the gallery. I always forget to add them into my “archive”… Apart from the recent kissy-kissy Astrov, it has been a BTS Astrov, an hommage to the tongue of concentration, the characteristic glove bite, last year’s Halloween number, and a get well shrine.

While updating, it occurred to me that there is a huge omission in the RAPS oeuvre. Some of RA’s most recent roles are not represented. Shocker!!! 😉 Where is the gorgeous James from MZ, Guylty? Surely this merits a shrine?

There is no Richard from The Lodge – possibly explained by the horror genre, but surely I could do something with those puppy eyes and forehead wrinkles?

And the most glaring omission is of course Adam Price!

Ooops. I meant this of course:

Also, from tomorrow there will be this:

Yeah, ok, not sure about that one… yet. We’ll see. But nevertheless, these shameful omissions are to be remedied, soon. Good thing that I am in the process of spraying a few tins to create a neutral background. And if I have more writing work to do, it may mean that I will have time for more replacement-activity shrining, too 😃

Which one do you think I should do first? Let me know in the comments.

Also – just wanted to mention great news here: Jacob Dudman has been cast in Richard’s soon-to-be-filming next project Now & Then. I think that is great news because the young actor really looked so convincing as the product of Adam Price’s loins in The Stranger.

I mean, look at that hairline. And then at their mouths and lips. That really could come from the same gene pool.

Anyway, something to look forward to.

And now, I’m afraid, I will have to do some serious skiwear writing *sigh*


25 thoughts on “Shrine Update

  1. They’re lovely one and all. And put me in a real conflict of interest. It’s “oh, I’d love another” vs. “you’re trying to have less stuff, stupid” every time I see one of them. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

    I think maybe should tackle Adam Price next. Plenty of picture material and you actual have an idea of the character (plus #TeamLawn look) whereas the others are only vague (unless you’ve watched those in the meantime?). Whichever you choose, I’m sure the results will be spectacular as always.


    • I know what you mean re. “less stuff”. While it doesn’t apply to the shrines as such, it applies with all the crafting stuff that could potentially be used for them. Or even the tins themselves. It’s so hard to resist getting new stuff…
      Your argument re. next shrine subject is spot on. I agree, Adam is the one who we actually *know* and of whom exists plenty of material. He’ll be next then.

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    • I thought so, too. Sure, they are not exactly an image of each other. But there are elements of their features that look similar. And I really liked Dudman’s work in TS.


  2. Oh I quite understand, as one replacement-activity supremo, but I think you have your priorities right with tending to Armitage shrines, instead of ski-wear (although maybe RA will read the article!!). I too vote for smooth-chinned blue-eyed gorgeous Adam. It is great news about Jacob, they seemed to get on so well, although I don’t really see the likeness (maybe the forehead). Jacob looks more like Tom Cruise in that pic. When Corrine asked how he could doubt that were his sons, I thought, hmm, Adam may have a point.


    • “replacement activity supremo” 🤣 – love it.
      I’ve only just NOW managed to get my act together and write and upload the skiwear article. By Jove, that was such an act… And I can’t even claim that I used the procrastinated time for something useful (like a shrine session)…
      As for the likeness between JD and RA – not identical in every way, but there are some elements that I found really convincing in the earlier casting of them as father and son.

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  3. I´m also “voting” for Adam Price with glasses, I like them a lot and I think they suit him. I´m really happy about Jacob being cast as a younger version of Richard´s Chris as well, it´s great! I also saw a resemblance between the two in The Stranger, maybe it was because we wanted to see it but I think they´re definitely the same type…


  4. Love that pic of James 🥰
    The pic of Armitage and Dudman is very interesting and it will be cool to see him as young Armitage.
    Good luck on the ski wear..maybe you should Ask Armitage for some advice! Lol


  5. Always the latest to the party!
    I’d vote for the gorgeous James from My Zoe. Although I didn’t especially like the film, he convinced me as a father (must have a watch on Space Sweepers as I am actually fed up with all those father stories…)
    No, I liked the short-clipped hair and beard (same as Trevor Price). I think this is his very best look


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