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Just a couple more days until Richard’s Korean sci-fi drama is released on Netflix. It’s not big time my genre, and let’s face it, he’s not going to be the main focus of that film, but I’ll give it a go. Can’t say that his facial shrubbery convinces me, but well… Bonus points for Irish name, though. Here’s a clip made by fan Kiri Bagginshield with as much “James Sullivan” as seen so far.

If that kind of entertainment is not your cuppa, then how about we make our own entertainment again? Kate and I were talking about a way of making dreary old February a bit more fun, and this is what we have come up with:

Just for a little bit more context: We have already sussed out in the ensuing discussions on Twitter, that the mini gift does not have to be of a crafty nature. I.e. even if you don’t consider yourself a crafter, we’d still love to have you in this. There are plenty of other gifts that would be suitable and do not require immersing yourself elbow deep in glue or brandishing pinking shears! So, if you are interested, either reply over on Twitter directly to Kate’s tweet, or if you don’t have Twitter, leave a comment here and I’ll hook you up!

In any case, a bit of Valentine’s fun would be nice, wouldn’t it?


27 thoughts on “Entertainment Ahead

  1. Oh it’s great to have some new Armitage, even though I am not mad about his look (beard) but I like that he is a baddie with dirt on his hands. Thanks for sharing the vid – there goes that wagging finger again, no wonder someone bit it!
    Your and Kate’s idea of livening up February is a fab one and I’n in (and have said so on Twitter).

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    • Hehe, possibly. But since this is a gift exchange among RA fans, anything to do with him, would do. But yeah, I think we will get back to all participants with a little summary of what is expected 🙂


  2. Ick. A fake beard on RA was always going to be wanting because we know what a glorious one he can grow himself!
    Count me in for the Valentine activity, but like Olga, I have my doubts about our postal service 😒 I’ll need the help of some clues too!

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    • So true… Surprising that he didn’t do his own beardwork for this film…
      I don’t mind the potential postal delays. Kate and I will have a little planning meeting 🙂


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  4. I do like some facial hair, but not the douce-kind. Not a sci-fi fan but Hubs is so we’re gonna watch it together. 🚀🛰
    I started watching it late last night getting ready for bed since he wasn’t here and gotta admit, it seemed interesting. So I’m hopeful.

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  5. I posted this response a few minutes ago, but thought maybe it should go here:
    Hubs and I watched, even tho I usually let him enjoy Sci-Fi like porn; “when I’m not around.” Haha

    I was impressed with how fun the story was and how nice it was to watch something with a child not being a bratty character. There was a good deal of humor and visually interesting I wasn’t bored. Sadly tho, the villain wasn’t as appealing, but it might be that I thought the character was too flat? Maybe more RA hunky nudity would’ve helped? IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😁

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    • Thanks for the mini review – very useful. Maybe I could use the opportunity of not having Mr Guylty around, to watch the film on my own tonight… (I might fast forward through it, though *coughs*)

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      • I can’t really blame you. He still looks good. . . only if I had any influence, I’d try to talk him out of that style of facial hair. On the other hand, I’ve never told my hubs what he should have as facial hair, so I shouldn’t presume.

        You might find the language interchange interesting. The crew is using a language ‘app’ of some sort to communicate and they run through a variety of languages. We had a little fun with that recognizing a few and wondering what was going on, so we backed it up to listen again. Haha

        Side Note: noticed my hubs watching RH by himself early (like 5a) in the mornings recently. He’s not said anything to me about it, but I notice he’s been going through each of the episodes, listening to the commentaries too. 🤔

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        • That facial hair is just a big NO. Period.
          The language aspect is something I am really curious about. I am fascinated by language (and an ex-language teacher), so what they do with that would be interesting.
          Hubs watching RH????????? That is really suspicious, Mimi!!!!!

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          • Sorry it takes me so long to see responses sometimes work ruins any free time I might get.

            Agree on that lame facial hair.

            Yeah, hubs hasn’t said anything to me about it, but my RH and Hannibal DVDs are no longer on my shelf. He’s now organized them with his huge collection of music/DVD shelves. Don’t know what to think, and not gonna ask him either.

            Did I ever tell you he once asked if RA “knew” about my WAGW memes? Hubs knows I use a lot of his (Hubs not RA) comments for them since he’s a comic gold mine if I pay attention to what he’s saying. (Which admittedly I don’t always.)🤷🏻‍♀️


            • Hm, that‘s a bit of a mystery there with the dislocation of the RH and Hannibal DVDs… Maybe he is trying to get them out of your reach? Or he has become an avid fan himself 😂?
              Haha, I was wondering where those WAGW gems come from… Goldmine is right!

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