[OT] Flat Richie Update

The registration for Flat!Richie is still open (until tomorrow, Friday), but I am back with a couple of updates/questions.

We are now at 23 participants (including me). That is fantastic, especially because this is turning into the international project I had envisaged: 3 continents and now 10 countries. Fan-tastic! But this raises a couple of questions that have already been discussed in the comments.

  1. Some participants have expressed concern that they are not able to receive parcels during the Christmas/holiday season and would rather like to start the project in January. Yesterday’s poll has shown the same result: The majority would like to start the project in the new year. I am happy to accommodate that, but here is my suggestion: With 22 destinations, the parcel chain is going to take a loooong time. Even if calculating postal times tightly, say at (unrealistic) 1 week per journey from participant to participant plus 3 days each for turnaround, we are still talking 33 weeks duration in total! That’s more than half a year 😳! So I would love to get the parcel on the road asap and am looking for four or five participants who are happy to start the chain early. Those four or five participants will be put in random sequence and start off the chain before Christmas. That should easily tide us into the new year, so the remaining participants (who prefer to start in the new year) will join the parcel chain after them. (The post-Christmas crowd will also be put into random sequence.)
  2. It has also been suggested that postal times would be quicker if the chain was grouped according to territory/country/continent, for example starting the chain among all the participants in Europe, then moving on to Australia, then to North America. Sounds logical and might keep costs low(er). On the other hand, I find the idea of Flat Richie criss-crossing the globe more exciting, despite longer postal times. I’d appreciate your feedback in the poll below.

So, before I get stuck into some serious parcel preparation (I started working on the travel log today, the fan items to come on the weekend), I would like to lock down the sequence tomorrow night. I need three things from you:

  1. Five volunteers to potentially receive and turnaround Flat Richie before Christmas ☛ comment below
  2. Feedback on Flat Richie’s route ☛ vote in poll above
  3. Your address (in case you haven’t sent it to me already) ☛ by e-mail

We’re getting there!


66 thoughts on “[OT] Flat Richie Update

  1. Die Umfrage seh ich leider wieder nicht. Aber du weißt ja schon, dass ich für eine möglichst chaotische Route kreuz und quer über den Globus bin. Adresse kommt gleich.

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  2. What a great idea this is. Flat Richie is just perfect. Love the cowlick and the baby blues. Sadly we suffer from an insecure mailbox so I can’t invite him here but I’ll be watching the fun from afar.


    • Yep, Flat Richie had to be (hair)dressed properly.
      Sorry to hear the mail isn’t reliable where you are :-). I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch the parcel progress, too.


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