Richard Has TWO New Fundraising Causes

Two posts today because this is important – and timely. Especially after we wondered earlier this winter what had happened to Richard’s fundraising efforts on JustGiving. He has started a new fundraising page for a homeless charity.

Nice one. The donation button on this page is activated, so your Christmas pressie to Richard can be sent. Also has a nice little blurb written by Richard, kind of explaining why he has settled on this charity. Oh, and new profile picture, as well as a new ID – in that he has named his page in such a way that it doesn’t get confused with all the other Richard Armitages out there. (Not sure if that ever happened to you, but sometimes when I looked for his pages on JustGiving, I typed his name in the search box, and would then have to scroll through several other kind-hearted men called Richard Armitage who were running cross-country in aid of charity etc…) He’s even titled his blurb with “RC” – Crispie…

Oh, and edit: More from RC on his charities:

Woohoo, loads of Twitter embedding today. Those three tweets look as if they are his Christmas message. Or what do you think? Sounds kind of final, those Christmas best wishes… But nice and timely, so no complaints, especially as I just was wondering about his 2020 Christmas message this morning…

And wow – only a few minutes online, and I can already see the donations pouring in! The RArmy is fantastic!

Check out his new JustGiving pages HERE and HERE


5 thoughts on “Richard Has TWO New Fundraising Causes

  1. Yes I presumed it was his Christmas message and wish it had been warmer, worthwhile though it was. I’m always glad to give to charities, who help the homeless, and it was really no problem to tick the box ” I’m happy to share my contact details with Richard Armitage” – no problem at all,


  2. Certainly sounds like his Christmas message
    I wonder if he went to his dad’s before London and the south east were plunged into tier 4 without notice😱
    My Christmas lunch is off
    Just when I thought this month couldn’t get any worse


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