Petulant Photographer?

Finally we get a *nice* photo from Stay Close. A better look at RA in the latest Harlan Coben thriller:

Netflix has just announced Stay Close to be released 31 December 2021. Hooray, that is sooner than I expected. And we get a picture of little Ray of sunshine…

Probably not a coincidence that he is photographed standing in front of a night club (?) called “Vipers”? I mean, I have no idea since I haven’t read the book yet (and please, no spoilers), but it feels like a sledgehammer has just hit me 😂

Say what you will, the bad boy look always looks good on RA.


29 thoughts on “Petulant Photographer?

  1. Ooh what a gorgeous dirty-looking scruff-pot. Thanks for sharing. I’m not likely to be able to be able to watch on NYE either (unless it’s early) but what a way to nurse a hangover on NYD and to start 2022.

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