Gallery of the Badged

Here we go – the badge goes international. Some evidence of happy badging 🙂

[ETA 27/10/14: Just put Helen into the gallery ;-). And Kathy. And Richardtreehouse.]

[ETA 04/11/14: cRAmerry and hedgehogess have sent picture evidence. And Zeesmuse had posted hers on her blog, but I am including it here, too.]

Happy start of the week, everyone.


37 thoughts on “Gallery of the Badged

  1. What a missed opportunity! If I had known you had this planned I could have positioned mine in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Creative thinking was never my strong point…


  2. I’m thrilled to see Rafaella’s badge in front of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne! Glad someone was prepared. It’s the shot I had in mind for when I was down there last week, but at the last minute I switched handbags, leaving my badge at home *facepalm*


    • *hehe* I know – it took me until day before yesterday to get my badge installed, Mezz… And I actually haven’t yet been able to take my own picture of it in front of a Dublin landmark *doh*. In time… I’ll be adding to the post, anyway.


  3. I seem to be congenitally incapable of taking a decent pic on the iPad photo booth thingy 😉 Now if I had a newer iPhone it might be easier…but then again… Anyway I’ll send you a couple of rubbish shots, Guylty!


    • Received – great stuff.
      You know, it’s a huge mystery to me how anyone is able to produce photos with the iPad, anyway… Holding a big massive heavy slate is not really conducive to clear photos…


  4. Just brilliant. Looking forward to more Amélie-style international appearances! My end-of-week was brightened, by the way, upon seeing a bearded RA lookalike in a restaurant yesterday. He had the nose, and the blue eyes. Wanted to snap a surreptitious photo of him, but restrained myself.


  5. Love seeing the first round of photos from all over!!

    Psst…I have a secret. I didn’t take that pic….I don’t have a forward facing camera on my ancient ‘droid and I can never find the thingy to press blind. Foret the iPad selfie (you’ve seen how that turns ou
    t for me!!) I enlisted my son – I’ll just have to drag him around with me – he’ll be THRILLED! 😀


    • 😀 I take it you cleared copyright with your son? I do not want to get any DMCA take down notices here!!! (Sorry, inappropriate joke…)
      BTW – for some reason I can’t seem to the other pic you sent imported… hence only one obscure badge…

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      • Hmmm, I wonder why? No worries…my pumpkin, purse and I shall forge ahead 😉

        He can hold a copyright (I checked) but since he is under 18 and not legally emancipated, I don’t believe he can file legal documents independently of a parent or guardian…I’m sure you are vastly relieved. :D…it’s been a very informative few weeks!

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  6. Thank you guylty! 🙂

    For those who realise that the Cinecittà pic is “weird”, the selfie with the badge was ruined by a truck that passing by Via Tuscolana that very moment 😦 so I had to work a little with photoshop and mix two different pictures.


  7. Love everyone’s photos. Obviously mine are all in one place. Chose the teacup ride because of RA’s involvement (which is a mystery, so far) with Alice in Wonderland. Matterhorn was to take the pin to the Alps the easy way, and arcade was to showcase the pumpkin background for Halloween. The name tag is for Mr. Hermitage because I just love the guy. Who wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland without him?


    • I’d take Hermitage anywhere. I’d even live in a hermitage with him :-D. Disneyland sounds more fun, though. Cool and colourful photos, and I love that you wrote his name on the tag 😉


  8. Love, love, love the pics! 🙂

    Am Donnerstag habe ich Besuch, da wird sich dann wohl doch ein Foto fabrizieren lassen. 🙂
    Leider abends, daher wird es wohl nix mit “bekannten Sehenswürdigkeiten” (die wir hier ohnehin nicht haben …).


  9. Reblogged this on GUYLTY PLEASURE and commented:

    Hello there – I am being very lazy and cheeky here, reblogging myself. Well, I am catching two birds with one stone – an update to the badgers’ gallery to which a couple of new images have been added, and an easy way of quickly saying “hello, I’m back”. Just returned from a difficult week back home. Apologies to everyone for not responding to e-mails while I was away. It just wasn’t possible. But there’ll be some posts coming up soon. In the meantime – enjoy the gallery of the badged again 😉

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