Rear View

Let’s start the new year from behind. Sort of.

I hear that rear views are quite popular. So I had a look again and weaved a bit of magic on some pictures that had otherwise not made the cut. For a change, they now come in hi-res (I usually resize the pictures because they take up so much space on the blog, but since I am slowly but surely running out of storage space and will soon have to buy a WordPress subscription, anyway, I might as well give you these in full hi-res glory…). If you open the image in a new tab, it comes up in full size.

neckitage 1neckitage 4

neck and lash porn

And here’s another late favourite of mine – I’ve posted this before, but for some reason the other version looked much grainier than this. This is the large file, so you can zoom in much further…


Bonus: Neck, mole and hair swirl triple-whammy

Mole and profile

31 thoughts on “Rear View

  1. Sorry, can’t resist ……

    Jaja, so auf Grabbelgröße hochgezoomt kriegt das eine sehr haptisch-realistische Anmutung. Kram’ mal schön weiter in deinen Fotoschatzkästchen. Wo wir uns doch alle über die klitzekleinsten Fitzelchen freuen…… 😀


  2. A man in his position…..always threatened to find himself in the dire situation of being scrutinised very closely at every fraction of a second (indeed,very well done Frau Guylty!!!) .. also needs to take care of his back side……at all times!! My absolute pleasure now….. being in the position to have a closer look…and enjoy…. 😀 (happy me)


  3. Once again I’m really glad no one dissects pics of me, from whatever point of view… 🙂 But of course I couldn’t resist and had to open those necky gems. The last 3 are extremely attRActive! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Lovely rear views. His hair is so luscious, thick and wavy it begs to be combed by appreciative fingers. Like mine. Thanks for sharing such lovely pics. We can see practically every lovely hair on his beautiful head. I am now forced to pet the dog inappropriately.


  5. Great way to start the year Who’d have thunk the back of his head had so much swoon potential? Seriously the one whith the slightly bent exposed neck makes my lips tingle 😉 And that swirl. . A-dorable 😊The touches of silver just make him so pleasantly real 😍 That slight smile and those ears just beg for a tickle 😉 And I’m allowing myself to stroke his lashes under the reasonable pretense of moving the pic on my tiny screen

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  6. I honestly can’t think of another actor who would elicit such visceral reactions to views of the back of his head or neck or even a mole!! When it comes to *any* aspect of Richard we – well many of us – could sit for hours gazing at these kissable zones!! Thanks Guylty! You sure know how to make my day!!! 😉

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  7. Thanks for these — have been in love with that rear hairline curve since i noticed it on John Porter all those years ago … It was even the subject of its own separate post. (swoons)

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