Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/34

With Richard keeping his fans busy these days, I feel less compelled to blog than ever. Not complaining – it is marvellous to have so much material come our way at the moment. But it does make me wonder whether there is any point in adding to the already overwhelming amount of content, with blog posts of my own? For the sake of continuity, I am continuing with the tumblr compilations. But I am ramping down the rest of my activities on this blog. There is nothing better than the original source, so I encourage everyone to check on the horse’s mouth at Richard’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as fan-curated blogs and sites such as RAnet, RA Central, me+Richard, Armitage Agonistes to name but a few.


  1. Let’s start off with a screen shot captured by ausschweifendemotte which is a devastatingly attractive portrait of RA while filming his promo clips for BS. Just to start us off…
  2. Straight to the heart with sad Thorin. Armitage in costume, caught in a reflective moment. Gif by themiddleearthworldoftolkien
  3. At this stage, you probably have seen Armitage’s live tweeting from last week’s episode 1 of BS. Put together into a set by armitages-daniel, I was astounded to see how many tweets the man actually put out there. Wow. Let’s hope for a similar barrage tomorrow night, when he live-tweets episode 2
  4. Drldeboer is posting her favourite caps of individual Daniel scenes in BS. This is only one of them, check out her tumblr for more
  5. Pie maker and pie eater. Sweet. Gifset by lgprca
  6. Pandy-fanya posts a piece of fan art originally on deviant art, but since not nearly enough people have seen this cute cartoon, I am linking it here
  7. Honestly, RA is devastatingly handsome at the moment. Here are three gifs from the FB live stream that I could look at forever. Perfect hair. Perfect profile. Perfectly unbuttoned shirt. Gifs by ofgreengables
  8. Kendaspntwd brings us more Rich, talking.
  9. Is there anything more joyful than a hearty laugh? Captured by mezzmerizedbyrichard. PS: who else wants to pinch?
  10. The only thing wrong with this gif by yungarnet is, that we know this warm, lovely smile is directed at a cat, not us
  11. This. Mezzmerizedbypecs. Eh. Mezzmerizedbyrichard.
  12. Right, just switching to something that doesn’t contain Richard in it. But I don’t think I have actually seen this photo before. I have only HEARD of it. But so this is one of the famous/notorious pictures for SPJ’s birthday calendar?! Posted by themiddleearthworldoftolkien
  13. B/W shadow play of Daniel Miller in BS‘s promo. I lovelovelove this. Thanks to circusgifs
  14. A couple of weeks late (on my part), but I totally loved the look and the idea in Richard’s revolving selfie clip on the occasion of his promo shoot. Giffed by ofgreengables
  15. Throwback to Hannibal! I missed all these because I was on holiday when riepu10 posted them. But I loved these gifs of BTS shots of RA preparing for scenes as Francis Dolarhyde. This is the first one. Check riepu’s tumblr for more!
  16. Not sure why Tumblr was showing me all those birthday posts for Richard, but this one is so cool, I am passing it on to you. Giffed fan art by sefarlen

Hope you have enjoyed this! Tomorrow night is episode 2 of BS. Richard has promised to live-tweet again – a little bit too late in the night for me to follow as it happens. Fingers crossed that he will disclose a bit more info than last week – or make some cheeky comments…

I’ll be at home in Germany next week, and travelling back on Saturday, so I am not sure whether I’ll have the time to compile the round-up. I might have a scheduled non-round-up post ready, though, to keep your Saturday morning ritual on track, so do watch out for that 🙂 .

Love ♥️,


25 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Roundup 2016/34

  1. While I totally know what you mean about the plethora of goods, I hope you don’t ramp down too far – it’s great to hear a variety of different voices…even if they are not always singing the very same tune!


    • Re. ramping down – I don’t really know. I just feel a bit of an overkill at the moment, and I don’t like that feeling. It completely takes away my own mojo. And that is totally my own fault, I am not holding it against RA that he is fully embracing social media. 😀 I have always felt that there was an element of “fan service” to my blogging activities – entertaining my fellow fans in the absence of news, for instance – but that is now redundant, thankfully, with Mr A providing plenty of fodder. I’ll probably play it by ear. When the next project (and drought) comes, I can jump in again 🙂


  2. There is so much going on, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Thanks for the roundup. I did see a lot of things I hadn’t seen before. Have fun in Germany.


    • I am having trouble keeping up with all the interviews and fan pics etc. It probably has also not helped that I have been travelling far too much this year. My fault 🙂


      • Me too. I have two more trips between now and Feb., and one is really long (in time and miles). But it is my fault also. No one is forcing me to do it, unless you count my husband wanting to celebrate an anniversary by looking at penguins. A lot of your travel is related to work or family commitments. I have no excuse.


  3. Hab zu Hause eine gute Zeit und herzlichen Dank für deine Zusammenstellung. Ich habe Mühe, alles im Blick zu behalten. Immerhin habe ich jetzt die beiden Interviews gehört und gesehen. Hübsch schaut er aus und es macht Freude, ihm zuzuhören. Ich glaube, dass es ihm gerade richtig gut geht, auch wenn er tatsächlich nicht zu wissen scheint, ob Daniel die erste Staffel BS überleben darf. “großerSeufzer!”


    • Ja, es ist wirklich ein Augen- und Ohrenschmaus. Ich muss ja schon sagen, dass ich Herrn A immer sehr eloquent und gepflegt in der Wortwahl finde. Das macht Freude. Und er kommt tatsächlich gerade sehr zufrieden rüber – zeigt sich auch in seinem blendenden Aussehen, wie ich finde.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for another great roundup. Does ramping down mean there’s no chance of you *ooofing* that gorgeous Reto Sterchi forearm photo for Anthem Magazine? 😉


  5. Like Obscura, I always enjoy your unique take on things, riches or no riches. And the roundups, too, as goes without saying. Some real gems this week. I’m still giggling at number 12.

    Happy travels, and enjoy your holiday.


  6. Thanks for the service, Lady!!! It’s really hard so somehow keep pace with Richie’s current deluge…. Aww, and he is sooooo unbelievably and extremely handsome…… save for that ugly SD cap!!!! Is it still there, on his head next week???


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